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A Guide to Choosing Outdoor Park Accessories

When implementing a new or upgraded park project, you’ll have to choose which outdoor park amenities to include. While it would be great to include…

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Guide to choosing park accessories

A Guide to Choosing Outdoor Park Accessories

When implementing a new or upgraded park project, you’ll have to choose which outdoor park…

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Benefits of game tables

The Benefits of Game Tables

If you’re looking for a new addition to your park, restaurant, workplace or other outdoor…

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Guide to Designing an Appealing Dog Park

The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic caused a worldwide shift in priorities. It’s now more…

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Ways to Attract More People to Your Park

Are you wondering how to attract more people to your park? We’ve got you covered….

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outdoor design ideas

Outdoor Design Ideas for Rental Communities

Investing in outdoor areas for your rental communities helps increase occupancy rates and resident satisfaction….

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5 tips on choosing planter

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Planter for Your Property

It’s no secret that plants are good for our health. Research has found that the…

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Improve Outdoor Landscape Design to Attract More Shoppers

In today’s world, anyone can easily order what they need from their couch. This means…

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Tips for Choosing Outdoor Benches

An outdoor bench can upgrade a garden, yard, patio, park, retail center or other business…

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Guide to Designing Resort and Hotel Outdoor Areas

To keep up in the highly competitive hospitality industry, resorts and hotels must constantly be…

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How to design a public park

How to Design a Public Park

If you’re in charge of designing a community park, you’re responsible for making this recreational area fun, safe and accessible for everyone to enjoy. Consider the community residents’ needs before you begin your plan. You may also want to add decorative elements and functional site furnishings to attract a broad audience. This guide can help…

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Tips for choosing a picnic table

Tips for Choosing the Best Picnic Table

Installing a picnic table in a commercial space gives visitors and employees a spot to…

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How to maximize restaurant outdoor seating

How to Maximize Restaurant Outdoor Seating

If you’re planning a new outdoor dining area for your restaurant or redesigning the one…

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How to use education stimulus funding

How to Use Your Education Stimulus Funding

The incoming COVID-19 relief funds for education offer unprecedented aid to community colleges and K-12…

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