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Wabash Valley Commercial Picnic Tables For Your Outdoor Area

Wabash Valley Site Furnishings offers a wide range of commercial outdoor picnic table designs to attract visitors and enhance the aesthetics of your space. Landscape architects and urban planners use outdoor picnic tables and benches to improve community spaces such as:

  • Government and civic centers: Civic centers are known for hosting sports events, theatrical entertainment and public conventions. Outdoor picnic tables at your government or civic center will make your space more welcoming to guests, encourage longer stays, and promote rest and opportunities for visitors to enjoy meals and snacks.
  • Public parks: Commercial outdoor picnic tables allow visitors to public parks to sit and eat outdoors while enjoying the serenity and beauty of nature.
  • Recreation areas: People visit recreational areas to have fun, commune with others or simply get away for a solo adventure. When your recreation area has one or more commercial outdoor picnic tables scattered about, guests can sit, relax and enjoy their visit for more extended periods.
  • Malls: Picnic tables with bench sets offer a place to sample the fare at meal outlet stores. When people know they will have a space to rest during their visit, they’ll be more likely to stay longer. What does this mean for you? Increased revenue and foot traffic to your retail location.
  • Stadiums: Durable, attractive commercial-grade picnic tables make enjoying a meal outside at a stadium possible. Watch as more visitors flock to your stadium to enjoy sports events, family time and fun.
  • Office and apartment complexes: Outdoor picnic tables with seat backs can make your apartment complex more inviting to residents and guests.
  • Restaurants: Outdoor picnic tables for restaurants encourage business owners to expand seating for dining al fresco, attracting more visitors and increasing sales. People love the opportunity to eat while they enjoy the fresh air and beautiful views.

Commercial picnic table designs


Being outside is good for you on multiple levels, from helping you get vitamin D for strong bones to improving your mood. Parks with outdoor amenities like commercial round picnic tables encourage people to get outside and move.

For urban planners and landscape architects looking to encourage members of the community to flock to nearby parks, stadiums, recreation areas, civic centers and outdoor restaurants, commercial outdoor picnic tables may be the answer.

Enhance your outdoor park space and park tables even more with the addition of commercial hand sanitizer stations and dispensers. Our hand sanitizer stands come in a variety of styles and colors and are built for outdoor uses.


At Wabash Valley Furnishings, our commercial picnic table bench set meet the highest government standards for comfort and durability. Our extensive selection of commercial picnic tables is ideally suited for a variety of applications, including wheelchair-accessible spaces in parks, malls and other public areas.


When you choose Wabash Valley Furnishings as your picnic table manufacturer, you can select from 18 picnic tables with wheelchair access. Why is investing in a commercial ADA picnic table important?

Before ordering commercial outdoor furniture for public spaces, it’s essential to understand the differences between ordinary wheelchair-accessible picnic tables and commercial ADA picnic tables.  Non-compliance with ADA guidelines can damage your reputation in the eyes of wheelchair users and lead to legal actions such as citations, fines and disability discrimination lawsuits.

ADA commercial picnic tables ensure that wheelchair users have sufficient opportunities for comfortable seating when they visit your communal space. In general, the ADA requires that picnic tables must allow for proper clearance of disabled individuals.

ADA picnic tables are required to have one side of their benches shorter or one seat removed to ensure wheelchair users can easily approach the table. Because requirements for ADA commercial picnic tables vary from state to state, it’s essential to research your area’s regulations thoroughly before making a final purchase.

For information on table dimensions, check out our line of commercial ADA picnic tables.

ADA Picnic Tables

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Ready to add commercial grade picnic tables to your outdoor space? As an industry leader with over 30 years of experience in providing premium commercial outdoor furniture and site amenities, Wabash Valley Furnishings is committed to helping you bring your vision to life — whether your focus is durability, aesthetics, ADA compliance or all three. We also offer bulk products for commercial businesses interested in completing large projects. Plus, all of our picnic tables are designed for minimal maintenance.

Check out our project gallery of outdoor furniture, including picnic tables with wheelchair access, benchesdining setsreceptaclesumbrellas, and other commercial accessories. 

If you’re unsure which table would best enhance your space or need assistance understanding ADA compliance laws in your state, feel free to contact us today.