Site Furnishing Solutions for Parks & Recreation

The only thing better than a beautiful, well-landscaped park, is stylish and functional outdoor park furnishings and site amenities that perfectly suit that space and provide environments where people can relax, play and socialize.

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Wabash Valley Site Furnishings is proud to offer a variety of options that perfectly meld form, function and affordability. We specialize in Park and Recreation furniture, and our team can put together a custom package to supply the site furnishings you need to meet your project goals, timeline and budget.

Benefits of Durable Outdoor Park Furniture

When it comes to outdoor park furnishings, you need durable, comfortable and affordable options. That's why we put care and quality workmanship into every product shipped out of our facility. From outdoor benches where local families can rest after playing outside to trash receptacles that keep each space neat and tidy, we have all the furniture you need to fully outfit your parks and recreational areas.

When you choose Wabash Valley, you'll see how the right outdoor park furniture can positively contribute to your community's parks, pavilions, playgrounds and outdoor spaces. Here are just some of the benefits our customers will enjoy.

  • Durability: You want outdoor furniture that's in it for the long haul. Before we let any product leave our facility, we rigorously test it to ensure quality and durability. Parks and other outdoor areas get a lot of use from visitors and have higher exposure to the elements. We make our outdoor furnishings using solid construction techniques so they won't rust, rot, peel, warp or crack.
  • Wide array of furnishings: With Wabash Valley, you'll find everything you need to outfit your parks and spaces with the best outdoor furnishings in the industry. From benches and tables to grills and bike racks, our products come in numerous styles, colors and finishes. We can even customize furniture with unique logos and patterns. You're sure to find exactly the right fit for your project.
  • Little to no maintenance: With Wabash Valley outdoor park furnishings, set them up and forget about them — no need for winterizing or winter storage, and it helps save maintenance and replacement costs in the long run. Plus, our finishing techniques discourage graffiti, leaf stains, water absorption and other types of staining.
  • Available in bulk: Our bulk pricing options ensure you get all the products you need at an affordable price. Plus, our customer service team is committed to responsive communication so that we can understand your exact specifications.

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