Site Furnishing Solutions for Amusement Parks

Give your amusement park a special touch with outdoor furniture and site amenities from Wabash Valley Site Furnishings. With multiple colors and configuration options, you'll be able to pick out the theme park benches to uniquely fit your design specifications as well as your budget. Boost your visitor rates with tables, benches, and amenities to fit in with your park's overarching theme while transforming your destination into a relaxing outdoor getaway for adults and kids of all ages. 

We offer long-lasting, low-maintenance products in bulk to help elevate your space in a way that's accessible and fast. Explore our gallery to see for yourself why our amusement park outdoor furniture is a top choice for urban planners and grounds architects, and reach out to a representative today

Purchase Amusement Park Outdoor Site Furnishings

The presence of attractive outdoor furniture can be a significant reason why people are drawn to recreational areas. Outdoor furnishings and site amenities can benefit your amusement park or family entertainment center by:

  • Providing comfortable and accessible seating: Amusement park outdoor furnishings can encourage adults to relax and rest while completing another task or watching over young kids.  
  • Allowing families to enjoy meals together outdoors: We offer picnic tables, theme park benches, and commercial dining sets to provide families with the chance to enjoy a meal while enjoying the thrill of your recreational space. For special events and celebrations, Wabash Valley Furnishings carries various types of picnic tables to help you create an incredible dining space. 
  • Encouraging guests to reduce their carbon footprint: Bicycle racks allow cyclists to explore nearby trails and the great outdoors by relying on two wheels — not four — to get to your park. Bicyclists can reduce their carbon footprint by getting from one area to the next without using gas. 
  • Creating a welcoming space: Add visual appeal to your family entertainment center or amusement park with site amenities such as tree gates, umbrellas, game tables, planters, swings, and more. Our amusement park outdoor furniture and site amenities can help decorate and furnish outdoor play areas while encouraging visitors to enjoy your space. 

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Draw families into your space with aesthetically pleasing, high-end amusement park outdoor furniture at competitive prices.  Contact us online today for a quote or to learn more about the amusement and entertainment furniture we offer for your outdoor space.