Outdoor Furniture Trends for the Hospitality Industry

Women sitting outside by the water at an outdoor dining table

| Sep 25, 2023

The hospitality industry’s main goal is to make individuals feel at home, and outdoor furniture can significantly impact a guest’s experience. A stylish, functional outdoor space cultivates a good first impression, attracting potential customers.

Considering outdoor furniture trends for the hospitality industry can help you design an inviting space, improve your guests’ experiences and increase revenue. Providing comfortable and functional furniture, combining neutral and vibrant colors, and designing a relaxed layout creates a warm and inviting atmosphere for your guests.

Importance of Keeping up With Outdoor Furniture Trends

Keeping up with new outdoor furniture trends is essential in the hospitality industry. How your guests feel when visiting your outdoor spaces affects their experience, their opinions and whether they recommend your business to others. When you update your outdoor furniture, your business can benefit in the following ways:

Cultivating an Inviting Atmosphere

Outdoor furniture trends help enhance and update outer property appearances. Decorating your establishment’s outdoor space makes it more fashionable, attracting potential guests. Your property’s external space is the first aspect people see, and the right outdoor furniture can make your establishment stand out from the rest. Outdoor furniture is your greatest tool for making a fantastic first impression.

Making Your Guests Feel at Home

Updating your outdoor furniture also helps guests feel at home. The more comfortable your establishment makes individuals feel, the more likely they are to return and recommend your business to their friends and family. Warm, inviting, and comfortable furniture creates a cozy atmosphere for guests.

Increasing Your Revenue

Since the right outdoor furniture can attract more guests and make them feel at home, it could significantly increase your revenue. Making a good impression and delighting your guests can increase your customer base, bringing in more revenue as your positive reputation grows.

7 Outdoor Furniture Trends in 2023

Outdoor decor trends evolve each year, and this year’s trends feature inspiring ideas to make your establishment stand out and attract more customers. Consider the latest outdoor furniture trends to enhance your outdoor areas:

1. Creating Warm and Homely Aesthetics

Warm and homely trends are replacing the previously popular modern, minimalist aesthetic. Warm colors, relaxed layouts and mixed designs replace cold, rigid styles. An elegant, vintage ambiance gives an outdoor space more character and invites guests to relax.

2. Blending Neutral Colors and Bright Accents

Neutral colors are warm and cozy, and combining them with bright, vibrant colors can create an inviting space. Deeply saturated accent items such as throw pillows, cushions and rugs add vibrant visual points to beautiful neutral pieces of furniture. Consider placing lively green or gold cushions on a black bench or dining room chairs to make the colors pop.

3. Designing a Relaxed Layout

While previous trends favored geometric patterns, this year’s trends focus on more natural designs. Layouts are more flexible and less rigid, favoring a more relaxed furniture arrangement. You can move tables and chairs around in a more random or organic style, and you can add cozy details such as colorful rugs, stylish throw pillows and soft cushions.

4. Incorporating Natural Details

Natural details cultivate lush, cozy aesthetics that make guests feel more at home. Place plants on and around your outdoor furniture to create a beautiful, calming atmosphere. Small potted plants look gorgeous in the middle of tables, and you can place larger potted plants or vertical garden stands along walls.

Being around green plants can make people feel more relaxed, increase their concentration and boost their mood, increasing happiness. The happier guests feel in your outdoor areas, the more likely they will return.

5. Catering to Work and Leisure Needs

Individuals visit your business with various needs. Some desire to relax, while others intend to work. Creating an outdoor space that supports relaxation, focus, work and collaboration provides guests with the experience they expect. Provide adequate space between seating areas so traveling groups and colleagues can gather without distractions.

Combine ergonomic outdoor benches with tables so guests can relax with a refreshing drink or type a report on their laptop. Catering to business and leisure travelers ensures all guests find your outdoor furniture comfortable and useful.

6. Prioritizing Comfort and Convenience

Part of catering to each guest’s needs is prioritizing comfort and convenience. Outdoor furniture should be durable and comfortable, and it should offer convenience to enhance each individual’s experience. Place tables and chairs near charging stations or outlets so guests can easily charge their laptops and mobile devices.

7. Investing in Sustainability

Investing in durable outdoor furniture helps you create a more sustainable space. Durable furniture is long-lasting and withstands various weather conditions, reducing the number of times you need to replace tables, benches or chairs. Durable furniture is also easier to maintain, helping you provide guests with a clean and pleasant space.

Trending Outdoor Furniture

Upgrade your outdoor spaces with the following furniture:

Outdoor Benches

Outdoor benches with arms and backs provide guests with comfortable places to relax or work. Choose benches in neutral colors such as black, silver, textured black or textured bronze. Wabash Valley’s Yorktown 6-foot outdoor bench features a comfortable back that comes in various styles and colors. Its aluminum construction makes it easy to maintain, and you can mount it to a surface or move it around as a freestanding bench.

Dining Chairs

Dining chairs should also contribute to an outdoor space’s comfort and style. Wabash Valley’s Yorktown outdoor dining chair comes in neutral colors and features comfortable armrests. It resists rust, corrosion and fading, so it remains beautiful for years. You can combine the chair’s slat pattern with solid color cushions or pillows for a relaxed look.

Wabash Valley’s Highland Collection outdoor dining chairs also enhance outdoor spaces. They feature an elegant design and look fantastic around round or square tables. Sullivan Collection outdoor dining chairs feature a simplistic design that’s easy to pair with various styles and pieces.

Dining Sets

Stylish outdoor dining sets create spaces where guests can eat and drink, relax, gather or work. You can arrange outdoor bar tables and chairs in a relaxed arrangement to cultivate a cozy atmosphere. Add vibrant cushions, rugs or plants to the space to make alfresco dining areas more inviting.

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