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Find the perfect commercial outdoor restaurant furniture to turn your cafe patio, hotel, park or playground into a beautiful and inviting dining area. Commercial outdoor chairs and dining table sets from Wabash Valley Site Furnishings are durable, attractive and designed to withstand weather conditions including sun, rain and snow.

We offer a wide variety of commercial outdoor furniture and site amenities so you’ll have everything you need — from commercial grade outdoor dining tables and chairs to umbrellas and other accessories.

Why Choose Wabash Valley Dining Sets?

Wabash Valley Furnishings combines beautiful, long-lasting dining table sets with outstanding service, competitive prices and an excellent warranty. When browsing our commercial outdoor tables and chairs, you’ll also enjoy access to our product’s specifications and assembly information, available patterns, CAD drawings, color charts and photos.

Need additional information about our coating options and specifications? View our finishes and testing requirements to find the best commercial outdoor dining table set for your space. We also offer customization options if you need to meet coating, dimension or other specific criteria.

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Benefits of Restaurant Commercial Grade Outdoor Dining Tables

When it comes to providing commercial outside dining tables for guests at a restaurant, fresh food and commercial dining table sets are a match made in heaven.

The benefits of our commercial restaurant tables and chairs for restaurants include:

  • Restaurant owners appreciate the seating capacity offered by commercial outdoor chairs.
  • Restaurant-goers love the ambiance of outside dining using outdoor chairs with tables.
  • Attractive and durable commercial pedestal patio table sets can exponentially expand the profitability and popularity of your cafe or restaurant.

Looking to keep your guests safe post COVID-19? We also offer a variety of customizable hand sanitizer stands to fit your restaurant style and aesthetic. Our stands are durable and built for outdoor use.


Three reasons patrons love outside dining include:

  1. Sitting outside at a restaurant or cafe at commercial grade dining tables and chairs gives customers the chance to soak up some extra sunlight and boost their health as well as their mood.
  2. The outdoors provides its own ambiance, so being able to sit outside is a fun change of scenery, especially for those who work indoors all day.
  3. Taking in the sights and sounds of the outdoors helps restore focus and improve creativity.

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Are you ready to incorporate commercial grade outdoor dining tables and chairs into your outdoor space? Wabash Valley Furnishings offers low-maintenance products in bulk for large-scale orders. We can also accommodate smaller requests to supplement your project needs — whether that’s an outdoor dining set for a restaurant patio, commercial dining table sets for a recreational area or park benches for a plaza or playground.

For over 30 years, Wabash Valley has been supplying landscape architects, urban planners and business owners worldwide with outdoor furniture and site amenities to fit their project needs. As the industry leader in commercial outdoor furnishings, we’ve cultivated innovative designs and customizable offerings to meet a variety of budget and spatial requirements.

For questions about our commercial tables and chairs, feel free to contact our customer service team today!