Plastisol Coating

22 Gallon Outdoor Trash Receptacles, shown with liner and lid, green
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Wabash Valley Signature 6 foot Green picnic table
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Plastisol Coating

When you need to cover your outdoor furniture and accessories with a material that’s durable and attractive, plastisol coating could be the right fit.

Many people prefer plastisol to other types of coating, such as spray paint, on products including playground seating and park picnic benches. Once applied, it lasts for years, making it an affordable choice in the long run.

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What Is Plastisol Coating?

As the name implies, plastisol coating is plastic in nature. In its purest form, it’s basically liquid PVC. However, when plastisol is applied to a material and cured using heat, it transforms into a hard substance that’s almost impossible to scratch, dent or break.

Furniture coated with plastisol tends to have a bit of a rubberized feel and texture. This feature can be useful when constructing furniture or exercise equipment where the user’s comfort is an important consideration.

How Is Plastisol Coating Used?

Plastisol coating isn’t just good for outdoor products like furnishings. It’s also useful as a colorful covering for electrical equipment, as it’s resistant to chemicals, moisture and other unwanted or intrusive elements. Look for plastisol coating on car parts, hardware and everyday items.

What Benefits Come From Using Plastisol Coating?

Plastisol coating is a tough-as-nails product with amazing endurance. Some of the advantages that make plastisol coating a winner in many circumstances include the following:

  • Plastisol coating improves the long-term curb appeal of outside equipment, picnic benches, seats and other furnishings and amenities.
  • Plastisol is noncorrosive, and you can count on it to look the same season after season. There’s no rusting, rotting, splintering, peeling or flaking.
  • If you’re looking for a coating that reduces vibrations, plastisol frequently takes the top spot.
  • Plastisol coating can be used on several types of materials, including metal. Never lose sleep worrying about outside metal chairs or tables getting damaged due to weather.
  • You can buy plastisol-coated products in numerous colors and with varying shininess.

Order Outdoor Furniture With Plastisol Coating

Are you looking for outdoor furniture for an upcoming project? Wabash Valley Site Furnishings carries high-grade plastisol-coated outdoor furniture and accessories in countless arrangements and sizes.

Look over our lineup of products today! Feel free to contact our team if you need a quote, have a specific inquiry or want more information about customization of an outdoor furniture piece.