Featured Post | Dec 11, 2020

How to Start a Community Park

A local park is the best way to bring a community together and inspire social interaction to spark new friendships. Because a public park allows…

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Ways to improve outdoor spaces at your apartment complex

Ways to Improve Outdoor Spaces at Your Apartment Complex

When you create outdoor spaces for your residents, you’re developing a competitive advantage with benefits…

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Unique products to enhance your park

Unique Products to Enhance Your Park

Outdoor spaces provide benefits to visitors like lower anxiety, increased socialization, improved sleep and boosted self-esteem. But…

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How to design a public park

How to Design a Public Park

If you’re in charge of designing a community park, you’re responsible for making this recreational…

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Tips for choosing a picnic table

Tips for Choosing the Best Picnic Table

Installing a picnic table in a commercial space gives visitors and employees a spot to…

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How to maximize restaurant outdoor seating

How to Maximize Restaurant Outdoor Seating

If you’re planning a new outdoor dining area for your restaurant or redesigning the one…

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How to use education stimulus funding

How to Use Your Education Stimulus Funding

The incoming COVID-19 relief funds for education offer unprecedented aid to community colleges and K-12…

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Ways to Improve Your Restaurant Outdoor Bar

A beautiful outdoor dining area and bar can be the defining feature of a restaurant….

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How to Prepare Commercial Outdoor Furniture for the Winter

On sunny days and warm summer nights, your guests enjoy the luxury of having their…

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How to Create a Memorial Bench

Memorial benches offer a novel way to commemorate a loved one. They afford those in…

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Guide to Designing Outdoor Learning Environments

You want the students who attend your school to do well academically, mentally and physically…

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How to Enhance Your Bike Path

In the past few years, over 47.5 million people — almost 13% of the American population —…

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Guide to Choosing the Right Trash Receptacle

Durable, attractive trash receptacles can help maintain a commercial area’s visual appeal and prevent pest…

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How to Start a Community Park

How to Start a Community Park

A local park is the best way to bring a community together and inspire social…

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