The Benefits of Game Tables

Benefits of game tables

| Nov 30, 2021

If you’re looking for a new addition to your park, restaurant, workplace or other outdoor destination, consider adding a game table! Outdoor game tables provide seating while also giving patrons the ability to play chess or checkers while enjoying their time outdoors, adding an excellent activity for any park or business. These game tables have many advantages for anyone who uses them, including social and mental benefits. 

Social Benefits

One of the most significant advantages of outdoor game tables and board games is the connections it helps create with friends and families. Though people primarily play chess and checkers at these tables, they are the perfect spot to gather for board games and puzzles. A foundational aspect of board games is cooperation and teamwork. Playing these games can lead to engaging conversations amongst people who may not have been close before and create friendships that wouldn’t have otherwise been possible. 

Many people struggle with socializing with others, whether that’s due to isolation or anxiety. Game tables provide a natural way for these people to socialize and interact with others. Since they offer a natural setting for conversation, these tables eliminate the need for coming up with things to talk about, which is fantastic for those who are shy or have social anxiety. Children in particular benefit from playing games. These benefits include:

  • Stimulates memory and other cognitive skills
  • Enhances cooperation
  • Teaches patience
  • Improves communication skills

Game tables can be particularly useful in a work environment. Often, workplaces require a certain amount of teamwork and communication in order for the company to be the most effective. A game table can help strengthen connections amongst coworkers and can, in turn, improve work effectiveness. They also provide an excellent ice-breaker opportunity for new employees, allowing them to meet and interact with their new coworkers in a more natural, informal setting. 

Socializing itself has a plethora of benefits for your mind and body. The act of socialization helps prevent feelings of loneliness while simultaneously increasing your sense of happiness and well-being. The many social benefits of outdoor game tables mean implementing them in your outdoor space is a no-brainer.

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Mental Benefits

Game tables offer a variety of social benefits in addition to providing a large number of mental benefits, including an increase in happiness. Playing games releases endorphins, also known as “happy chemicals,” in the brain. The happiness associated with the use of game tables can lead to more productive workers for a company. Employees in a good mood are 12% more productive than those who are not. 

Another ongoing problem in the workplace is stress among employees. Ninety-four percent of workers report feeling stressed throughout the day, which drops their production by 41%. Game tables can help relax workers due to the endorphins released while playing the games. In creating bonds with coworkers playing games, employees feel like they have people to talk to about their problems instead of keeping them bottled up, which amplifies their stress levels. 

These outdoor tables can be helpful in a workplace, a park or as an apartment building amenity. Outdoor game tables provide an excellent place for people to de-stress after a long day of work. By consistently having the ability to play games, people will start to develop more confidence in themselves. Every move made in a game is a test of that person’s abilities. As they play more and start to make quicker decisions, their confidence and decision-making will grow, benefitting them outside of the game table. 

In using a game table, you learn how to be patient and set goals. Particularly in chess and checkers, patience is vital, and playing these games will teach you to hone these abilities. By playing games on a game table, you increase brain function. More specifically, you stimulate the parts of your brain that are in charge of memory formation and complex thought processes.

Why You Should Add an Outdoor Game Table

Outdoor game tables come with a multitude of benefits, ranging from improving socialization skills to benefiting mental health. People of any age can use these tables and get great enjoyment out of them. They aid in fostering a fun, competitive environment in a convenient location, such as at a picnic table located at a park, restaurant or place of work. Each of these locations can gain quite a bit from the addition of an outdoor game table. 

One of the best places to add an outdoor game table is at a park. Parks are one of the best places for a community to hang out and relax. By adding game tables to your park, you can create a friendly environment for people to meet others and play a game such as chess or checkers. Some parks like Washington Square in New York are famous for their games of chess and checkers, fostering an environment for both casual and competitive players alike. 

A significant advantage of outdoor game tables is that they still maintain utility as a picnic table when they’re not being used for games. This means that people can sit down, enjoy their lunch, then engage in a game of outdoor checkers or chess when they’re finished. With the implementation of a game table, people have more reason to spend more time at your park or business. It may also draw the attention of avid chess or checkers players who may not have been going to your establishment previously. 

In a work environment, outdoor game tables can aid in boosting employee morale and work culture. Mental benefits, including stress relief and improved mental well-being, help contribute to more productive and happier workers in the workplace. Additionally, games like chess and checkers improve problem-solving abilities, which can benefit employees across their work and further enhance their skills to make them more productive for their employer.

As a restaurant or cafe, these outdoor tables provide the perfect location for people to sit outside and relax in the morning. Game tables allow them to enjoy their morning coffee while talking to and playing a game with their friends, especially if they’re interested in chess or checkers. Providing a consistent place for chess and checkers fans to play can provide owners with a new clientele that keeps coming back for more. 

No matter what industry you’re in, the addition of an outdoor game table is beneficial to you and those around you. Game tables can draw people into your business, provide a fun social experience for your community or encourage team building and boost happiness within your workplace. 

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