Ways to Attract More People to Your Park


| Nov 3, 2021

Are you wondering how to attract more people to your park? We’ve got you covered. By improving your park user experience and marketing your park attractions, you can increase the amount of foot traffic to your park. 

Keep reading to learn how to improve your park and learn about multiple ways you can start attracting more people to your park. 

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Host Community Events in the Park

Hosting community events helps bring many different people to your park who might not have come otherwise. Make sure to publicize these events on social media and on-site with posters, banners or signs. 


There are many different types of classes you can offer if you can find people to teach them. You could offer weekly exercise classes, such as guided hikes or yoga. Exercise classes are a great way to promote physical activity in your community. You could also offer educational classes, such as classes on ecology or gardening. Depending on your facilities, you could even offer introductory classes about sports. For example, you could provide basketball shooting sessions for a particular age group if you have a basketball court. 


If your park has a stage, you can host concerts and performances. Musicians, performers, comedians and others are always looking for a place to show off their skills. These performances are great for attracting visitors and engaging your community. Large festivals can even attract tourists, which also boosts the local economy.

Activity of the Week

Another idea to help engage the community is to make an activity of the week that people can participate in. This could be something simple, like posting the rules to a playground game so that kids can learn about something new they can do at the park. Or you could schedule a basketball or kickball game set for a certain time. You could even host a game or trivia night. Whichever event you choose, hosting activities can help engage the community and bring people together.

Let Others Host Events

Parks are great places for all kinds of events, so consider allowing the community to host their own events at your park. Post a sign nearby with contact information and how to reserve the space. Decide if you want to charge a fee for reserving the space to help pay for maintenance costs. Make sure to have rules in place for what types of events and equipment are allowed. Allowing others to host events allows people to have parties, cookouts or even weddings at your park.

Maximize Your Facilities and Location

Making the most of the park’s space is important in attracting visitors. Some park amenities will attract more visitors or a different type of visitor, so you’ll have to consider which facilities and amenities to add and which might not be a good fit. 

Walking Loops

One of the main reasons people love to attend parks is to enjoy some fresh air and much-needed exercise. If your park doesn’t currently have walking loops and paths, you may want to consider implementing them. Sometimes, local parks might be one of the only areas to enjoy the outdoors and exercise. By ensuring that your park has walking paths and loops, you can attract more visitors to your park who want to walk or jog outside with their families, friends or by themselves. 

Park Facilities

Enjoying public park facilities is a popular reason for why many people decide to visit their local park. It’s an excellent idea to think about the current park facilities you have and think about what you can add to your park to make it even better for visitors. Your park can include facilities such as restrooms, picnic or eating areas, playgrounds, or sports facilities such as basketball or tennis courts. By incorporating more facilities in your park, you can appeal to more people’s interests, such as enjoying a picnic with friends or taking their child to a playground. With more facilities, you can attract more visitors to your park in the long run. 

Site Amenities

Another way to improve your park and make good use of the space you have is to add outdoor amenities. This includes benches, dining sets, picnic tables, grills, trash receptacles and more. These things take up very little space but go far in increasing the value you provide to your guests. Enhancing your park with unique amenities can entice more people to visit your park.

Here are a few amenities your park could include:

  • Benches: Every park needs park benches. Benches give your guests a place to relax and enjoy the scenery. Additionally, they can also provide your visitors with a place to rest as they walk around your park. 
  • Tables: Picnic tables and dining sets are also important park amenities. These tables give your visitors a place to eat, do homework or simply socialize in your park. 
  • Grills: Grills are a great addition to any park. Providing outdoor grills to your visitors allows people to make their own food for their picnic, party or community event. 
  • Trash receptacles: Providing trash receptacles all over your park can help encourage your guests to clean up after their activities. Including trash receptacles around your park is an excellent way to keep your park clean and tidy.

Identify Community Needs

Consider what your community needs in a park. Different neighborhoods may want different facilities. Think about the demographic of your area and try to cater to the majority. Consider sending out a survey to members of the community to identify what types of facilities the local community would like the most. 

You can also try to cater to various age groups. You can have playgrounds and sports fields for children and young adults to enjoy. On the other hand, you can try to cater to older adults by including walking trails or fitness equipment designed for older adults to try to attract even more people to your park. 

Market the Activities and Facilities

Marketing your activities and facilities to the public is essential for attracting more people to your park. Using marketing methods such as social media, websites and posters can spread the word about your park and encourage more people to visit. You’ll want to ensure you promote any park events and new facilities to let people know what your park has to offer. 

On-Site Marketing

Banners, posters and signs are materials you can use for on-site marketing. Place them in common areas or where your visitors spend the most time. For example, if you’re hosting a community basketball game make sure to put up signs around the basketball court. If you’re hosting an event where people don’t typically gather, like an indoor area, you can place signs around parking areas and other spots that have a lot of foot traffic. Consider adding a bulletin board where all park events can be posted. 


The park website is another great place to promote awareness of the activities and facilities offered. People looking for events or looking to host events may check the website ahead of time to learn more. You should include a page that lists future events and a place where people can find out how to host events or reserve a space themselves.

Community Relationships

Building relationships with local businesses can also help with your marketing efforts. Developing a relationship with libraries, schools, retirement homes, hospitals and other businesses to help spread awareness about the benefits of physical exercise and spending time in nature. Encourage these partners to host events at your park and market these events at their business. 

Social Media

Social media is incredibly important in today’s world. If you want to attract visitors and promote events, you’ll want to use social media. With a social media page, you can promote your park, upcoming events and new facilities with ease. We’ll discuss social media in some more detail below. 

Utilize Social Media

Social media is an effective tool that you can use to attract people to your park and engage the community. Social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter can be used to increase your visitors and spread awareness about your park. You’ll want to ensure you post regularly, review messages often and encourage user-generated content to engage with your community. 


Instagram is a platform that focuses on stunning visuals and it’s a great way to showcase your park’s activities and amenities. Here are a few ways you can use Instagram to attract more people to your park: 

  • Beautiful photos: The best way to use Instagram is to post high-quality photos and videos that show off how amazing your park is. You can take photos from around your park and of your events and facilities. It’s also an excellent idea to get professional photos of your park to promote on social media and your website, and you can always take quality photos with your phone. Consider having a special spot that’s perfect for photos. This could be something like a park sign that has beautiful landscaping around it and a bench for people to sit and get their pictures taken. People also love taking pictures in front of water features like fountains. When more people take pictures at your park and post them, they are marketing the park for you.
  • Stories: Stories are another way to showcase your park. Stories only stay on the platform for 24 hours, but they’re a great way to keep your followers updated on events or day-to-day activities in your park. You can use them to countdown to certain events, offer followers a behind-the-scenes experience or just share some photos.  
  • Highlights: Highlights are similar to stories but they won’t get deleted. They are shown directly below the bio on the park’s page, so you can use them to share important news or other things people visiting the page would need to know. This allows people to find important information without having to scroll down through all your posts. You could have a highlight for park hours, how to reserve a space for an event and any important rules you want people to follow. 


Facebook is a very popular social media platform that can also help you attract people to your park. You can post status updates, photos, videos, events and even livestream. Here are a few ways you can use Facebook to encourage more visitors to your park:

  • Events: Events on Facebook are a great way to get the word out about anything you have going on at your park. You can name the event, set the time and place and allow people to show their interest or RSVP to the event. Once they do that, people in their network will be notified. They can also invite their friends to the event, which means even more people will be aware of it. 
  • Livestreams: Livestreams are a great way to show the events, classes or activities as they are happening. Live footage is a great way to show people exactly what you have to offer and what they can expect when they choose to attend.


Twitter is another way you can keep your followers updated on news and events while also spreading awareness. Including relevant hashtags in your posts helps people who aren’t following the account find you. Anyone interested in that hashtag will be able to find your park’s posts and follow the account. To promote a one-time event, consider making a unique hashtag that others can use to talk about the event. When people talk about that event, they will use that hashtag and promote awareness.

Emphasize Park Benefits

Your park provides many benefits to the community, and it’s essential to emphasize these benefits to attract more park visitors. Parks can have a positive impact on public health and economic development. Parks also provide a social outlet for the community and can improve the environment. 

Public Health

Parks promote healthy lifestyles and provide access to nature, which is important for many people’s mental and physical health. Parks provide opportunities for exercise and socialization with other people in the community. Here’s a few ways your park can benefit public health that you’ll want to make sure your community knows:

  • Physical exercise: Exercise is essential for living a happy and healthy life, and your park can provide people with the opportunity to get active in the great outdoors. Your park can encourage more physical exercise by hosting exercise classes and providing facilities. You can also let members of your community know what facilities and walking paths you have available so they can participate in physical activity. 
  • Nature: Spending time in nature reduces stress and feelings of anger or fear. It helps people relax and let go of negative emotions, including anxiety. Being in nature has been shown to increase your physical health in addition to your mental health. Your park provides your community with an opportunity to explore and enjoy nature. 
  • Socialization: Community parks provide a place for people to socialize, while also exercising or spending time in nature. Your park can host small and large gatherings for groups of friends, families and everything in between. Anybody, regardless of ability level, age or financial situation can visit their park to socialize and engage with their community. 

Economic Development

Parks also promote economic development because many people value being close to a park. Your park also contributes to bringing in new homeowners since many people enjoy the benefits that parks have to offer including beautiful scenery, a place to exercise, an opportunity to enjoy fresh air and nature, and an area to spend time with friends and family.

Because more people want to live near a park, your park could potentially bring new homeowners and residents to your area, helping to grow and expand your local community and economy. 

Safer Neighborhood

Engaging the community through your park is linked to creating a safer neighborhood. Parks provide a safe environment to spend time with friends and family, participate in sports, explore nature and exercise. As a result, community involvement at local parks can be associated with lower levels of crime and vandalism as community residents spend more time participating in safe and fun activities. 

Child Development

Spending time outdoors can positively impact child development. Parks provide children with an opportunity to play with others, build their skills and participate in physical activity, which are all activities that significantly aid a child’s development. In fact, being in nature has been associated with higher test scores, reduced behavioral problems and improved cognition.

Environmental Improvement

Parks also protect the environment. From the air to the groundwater and everything in between, greenery supports a healthy ecosystem. Parks preserve natural resources and habitats while also promoting clean air and clean water. Gardens and greenery filter rainwater while also absorbing carbon dioxide from the air. Parks in urban areas have an even larger environmental impact. Urban parks reduce pollution, improve biodiversity and even help to lower temperatures. 

Adjust for Changes in Trends

Keep your park relevant by adjusting your park based on current trends. As times change, you’ll want your park to change too to keep attracting more visitors.

Focus on Health

Many people today have a focus on being fit and living a healthy lifestyle. It’s important for you to portray how your park can be part of a healthy lifestyle, especially if public health issues and events arise. You can consider adding hand sanitizer stations near entrances or around your park. You can also promote your park’s walking, biking and jogging paths to emphasize to visitors how your park can provide them with opportunities to exercise and stay fit and healthy.


As the seasons change, your park may need to make some adjustments to help visitors feel as comfortable as possible in cold and hot temperatures. . In the summer, you may want to ensure that your park has plenty of shaded structures and areas to keep visitors cool and provide them with a place to rest away from the warm sun. And in the colder winter months, you may need to keep your park pathways clear of snow and ice to ensure your visitors stay safe as they explore your park. You can also consider using heaters in your indoor facilities and in your dining areas. 

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