How to Choose Outdoor Furniture for Hotel and Resort Pool Areas

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| Sep 25, 2023

Your hotel or resort is a destination for guests to come and relax. Whether they’re on a business trip or family vacation, you want your guests to make the most of your amenities. Creating a tranquil outdoor space can improve the overall atmosphere of your hotel and heighten your guests’ experience.

With the right furniture, guests can enjoy your outdoor bar and pool areas more comfortably.

How Outdoor Furniture Benefits You and Your Guests 

Like decor, furniture can enhance your hotel’s overall look and feel. If you want to make your resort feel as welcoming and inviting as possible, choosing quality furniture can help meet this goal. Here are some benefits of investing in quality outdoor hotel furniture:

  • Enhances visual appeal: Guests will notice a difference between quality furniture and aging, broken furniture. Quality outdoor furniture makes every area of your outdoor pool area feel luxurious and inviting. Outdoor furniture also adds to your hotel’s overall value and leaves a positive impression on guests when they see photos of your property online before booking.
  • Improves guest satisfaction: Comfortable furniture makes your guests’ stay more convenient and relaxing. Outdoor furniture invites them to enjoy time with their loved ones by the pool and enjoy a delicious cocktail. Likewise, having plenty of outdoor chairs and tables makes it easier for all guests to enjoy the space without overcrowding.
  • Encourages guests to use your amenities: Adding commercial outdoor furniture to your property encourages guests to take full advantage of your outdoor pool area. With plenty of seating and tables, they may stay longer by the pool or outdoor bar, ordering more drinks and food. This can lead to a more positive experience and better guest reviews.
  • Reduces maintenance: Quality, durable furniture is designed for longevity, making it easier to keep it looking brand new. Though proper care and cleaning can extend the life of your outdoor hotel furniture, you won’t need to deal with so much upkeep.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Because you won’t need to replace your outdoor furniture as often, you may save money in the long run. Guests can enjoy your commercial outdoor furniture for years to come.

Types of Outdoor Furniture for Hotels and Resorts

Whether you run a local bed and breakfast or an all-inclusive resort, here are the fundamentals you’ll need to make your outdoor spaces more comfortable:

  • Outdoor benches: Nothing says “stop and smell the roses” more than a cozy bench. Visitors who want to sit after a long day of activities and walking will enjoy relaxing on a convenient bench. This piece of furniture will keep your outdoor space looking beautiful, especially when you choose a high-quality bench that doesn’t rust or corrode.
  • Dining sets: Who doesn’t love an early morning breakfast or sunset dinner outdoors? You can find a commercial outdoor dining set that matches your hotel’s overall style to give guests a cohesive and inviting dining experience. Your guests can sip a glass of wine or enjoy a full meal while soaking up the view of your property.
  • Dining chairs: High-quality dining chairs are versatile and weather-resistant, making them the perfect addition to your outdoor pool areas. Comfortable outdoor chairs are great for guest dining, relaxing by the pool or chatting with other guests.
  • Outdoor trash receptacles: Keeping your hotel clean and trash-free is a top priority. Overflowing trash cans or a lack of receptacles can leave guests dissatisfied with their experience. Adding outdoor trash receptacles keeps your hotel property clean and beautiful. The more receptacles you have around the property, the more convenient it is for guests and employees to throw out their trash without having to leave the pool or outdoor area.

How to Choose Commercial Patio Furniture That Fits Your Outdoor Needs 

As with indoor furniture, outdoor patio furniture for hotels can truly make a difference to your hotel ambiance. Commercial patio furniture also allows you to maximize your outdoor pool space. Here are some tips for choosing the best outdoor furniture for your hotel and resort needs:

  • Determine the purpose of the space: Does your pool area also have an outdoor bar or restaurant? Consider what your guests will be doing in your outdoor space and plan accordingly. If they can dine and relax at the same time, for example, you’ll want to add tables and chairs. If your pool area is smaller, you may want to have more chairs than tables.
  • Consider ease of movement: Guests and employees often move furniture around to suit their party size. In this case, you’ll want outdoor tables and chairs that you can easily reposition. You may also want to find stackable chairs for easy storage.
  • Compare materials: Most outdoor furniture products are made with some degree of durability due to weather exposure. However, not all products are created equal. Be sure to consider different materials and coatings that can give you the best overall investment.
  • Think about comfort: Your guests come to your pool area to enjoy themselves and relax — so comfort is key! You’ll want to find products that are designed with comfort in mind without sacrificing quality.
  • Create a consistent design: Your hotel’s overall design and current hospitality furniture trends should play a role in your decision. To create a cohesive look, you may want to choose outdoor patio furniture that is sleek, simple, and timeless. Your outdoor furniture will attract guests by being clean and inviting.
  • Consider your layout: You’ll want to provide as much seating as you can to make your guests comfortable. However, you also don’t want to overwhelm your pool patio with too many tables and chairs. Consider how many dining sets or benches you can comfortably place around your outdoor area without creating obstacles for guests.

Find Quality Outdoor Furniture From Wabash Valley

As a hospitality business owner, you want your guests to utilize every part of your hotel and give them the full experience. With outdoor furniture from Wabash Valley, you can do just that. Our stylish, durable commercial outdoor furniture enables you to create an inviting pool area. We offer many different products and options so you can find what you need to fully furnish your outdoor spaces.

It’s our goal to help you create a beautiful yet functional space on your property. If you have questions, our experienced team can help you decide or put together a full plan that meets your budget and needs. We invite you to contact us today to learn more about our outdoor site furnishings and how we serve the hospitality industry.