Benefits of Bike Racks at Schools and Colleges

bike racks for schools

| Jun 7, 2024

Forward-thinking schools and colleges distinguish themselves by their commitment to student well-being and environmental sustainability. When students arrive on time and know they and their property are safe, your school or college is set for success. Students achieve their best, your school’s results improve and the campus becomes a better place for everyone. 

Bike racks are a simple way for schools and colleges to promote all these objectives while contributing to a more eco-friendly campus. Keep reading to learn how your campus can benefit students and the environment by providing cycling infrastructure.

5 Reasons to Encourage Biking to School

When schools and colleges encourage students to bike to school, there are great results for everyone. Here are the top five reasons to encourage biking to school:

  1. Improved health: Biking to school improves students’ physical and mental health. Regular biking can reduce one’s risk of heart disease by 26%. Cycling brings young people closer to their recommended 60 minutes of daily exercise, which many don’t reach. Biking may also improve stress management and cognitive function, which are crucial for academic success and lifelong health. Those who start cycling at younger ages have the best chance of maintaining this healthy habit for life.
  2. Reduced traffic congestion: Cycling to school reduces overall road congestion and allows students to avoid traffic jams, especially when your campus implements designated bike lanes and paths. As a result, students have a better chance of arriving on time for class, group meetings, and other on-campus obligations since they won’t be caught in traffic.
  3. Increased parking space: Parking space is a challenge for many school and college campuses. Bikes occupy far less space than cars, making them an efficient solution to parking space limitations. Instead of driving around looking for a parking spot, students can get where they need to be.
  4. Affordability: Students or parents can buy a reliable bicycle for much less than a car. With only occasional maintenance and no fuel costs, bikes are a much more economical method of transport than cars, scooters or public transport. This affordability saves students and their families money for tuition, groceries and other needs.
  5. Eco-friendliness: Increasing the popularity of cycling can have a positive environmental impact. According to one study, choosing to bike instead of drive once a day can reduce personal transportation emissions by 67%. Multiplying that effect by encouraging more students to bike can have a notable influence on improving air quality and lessening carbon footprints.

The Need to Secure Bikes From Theft

Bicycle theft is a major obstacle to a vibrant cycling culture at schools and colleges — bicycles are more likely to be stolen than cars or motorcycles. Unfortunately, theft discourages cycling. If bike theft is common on campus, people will likely be more inclined to drive rather than risk having their bikes stolen. Students who already cycle may have to stop if they lose their bikes to theft.

While cyclists should always take measures to keep their bikes safe, it’s also important for schools that encourage biking to implement secure bike storage systems. When students have a designated, protected place to lock up their bikes during class, they’ll feel much better about biking to school every day.

Top Benefits of Bike Racks for Schools

A bike rack is a structure used to park bicycles in a secure, designated spot. Cyclists can chain and lock their bikes to the rack for peace of mind that they will find them there when they need to travel to their next class or head home for the day.  

Bike racks for schools and colleges are an effective way to prevent bike theft and encourage a cycling culture on your campus. Some of the benefits of bike racks at schools and colleges include:

  • Security: As a parking area for bicycles that facilitates locking and supervision, a bike rack can reduce theft, especially when placed in well-lit, populated areas. This level of security gives students the confidence to cycle to campus and protects them from the anxiety, inconvenience and costs that bike thefts cause.
  • Organization: Bike racks offer an organized parking solution for bicycles — students won’t have to lock their bikes to fences, benches or other campus features. This setup minimizes obstructions and accidents while creating a more orderly look for your campus. Additionally, students will be able to locate their bikes more easily, making parking and retrieving bikes a smoother process.
  • Convenience: Placing school bike racks strategically throughout your campus makes biking more convenient, especially in comparison to driving. Students can ride right up to the bike rack and walk just a few steps to their next lecture or work shift. If cycling to class is more convenient than driving, students will be more inclined to join the biking movement.
  • Traffic and parking: Promoting cycling and reducing the number of cars on the road around your campus helps students and staff arrive safely, on time and in a better mood. If your campus has limited parking space for vehicles and not much room to expand, offering secure “parking” for alternative transportation methods can help you reduce the parking problem.
  • Environment and reputation: Learning institutions shape the future, and bike racks are part of an investment in reduced carbon emissions and a healthier environment for generations to come. Schools and colleges interested in lowering their carbon footprints can make great progress by installing bike racks to promote a cycling culture. This step can also reflect positively on the school, encouraging like-minded students and parents to learn more and enroll.

As you implement college bike racks and improve your campus’s overall cycling infrastructure, remember to encourage students, faculty and other cyclists to practice safe storage measures, like using the right locks. When everyone works together to make biking enjoyable and safe, you can make your campus a haven for new and experienced cyclists.

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