Outdoor Trash Receptacle Lids, 22 or 32 Gallon, Flat Top with Bonnet



Our Bonnet Trash Receptacle Lids are available in either a SOLID BONNET top or in an ASH BONNET top. The Ash Bonnet includes a removable cigarette ash tray that is a perfect way to combine our Trash Receptacles and Cigarette Ash Urns into one unit. Both Bonnet Lid styles can be ordered in an INWARD sloping base to help funnel trash into the receptacle or an OUTWARD sloping base to assist in funneling rain water away from the trash can collection area. All lids will fit all 22 and 32 gallon trash can units and are fabricated using our top of the line Powder-Coated spun steel.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Lid Color Black, Blue, Green, Purple, Red, Yellow
Lid Style

Inward Slope

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Bonnet Type

Solid Bonnet



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