Group Grill w/ 1 Side Shelf – Surface Mount


An excellent large group grill for outdoor shelters. Among the many features of this huge grill are the adjustable 4-position fire grate and 2 hinged cooking grills.

The cooking surface is 38 x 36 inches, which gives you 1,368 square inches of grill area.


Chains welded to each cooking grate limit their travel and enhance safety. All grates are made of ½” bars welded on 1” centers and have heavy duty cool spring handles designed for public use. The entire fire box is made of 3/16 inch reinforced welded steel and is mounted on a 6” square pedestal with a 12″ x 12″ x 3/8″ base mounting plate. Four 1/2″ x 6” anchor bolts are furnished. A large ash lip helps prevent hot coals from falling out and reinforces the fire box.

Unit is completely finished in non-toxic heat and rust resistant black enamel.

Additional information

Weight 460 lbs


There are currently no CAD Drawings for this product.