55 Gallon Outdoor Trash Receptacle – Classic Collection

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Besides serving its primary purpose of collecting waste, an attractive outdoor trash receptacle can add visual appeal to any outside commercial area. An appealing container for waste with vivid colors can also attract attention, encouraging visitors to dispose of their waste properly instead of littering on the ground.

At Wabash Valley Site Furnishings, we understand the importance of having a highly functional and aesthetically pleasing outdoor trash container. That’s why our commercial 55-gallon trash receptacle has become a popular choice for facilities needing to collect refuse in high volumes.

Benefits of Wabash Valley’s 55-Gallon Outdoor Trash Receptacles

The Classic Collection 55-gallon trash receptacle provides the same storage capacity as the regular metal drums that most facilities use to accumulate trash in bulk. We designed our receptacle to house a 55-gallon drum — not included — while adding a charming touch of vivid colors and intricate patterns to the exterior. We also offer a durable flat top lid that’s sold separately to improve the receptacle’s serviceability.

This waste container comes in 12 color options that accentuate the elegant design style of the Classic Collection. We also offer either a diamond or perforated pattern to enhance the appearance of the receptacle even more. We coat the unit in Plastisol, which provides superior protection against high impact and vibration, scratching, peeling, moisture, and severe weathering.

The receptacle’s heavy-duty structure requires minimal maintenance and allows easy unloading, providing facilities with a practical and efficient option for holding their trash.

Purchasing 55-Gallon Trash Receptacles From Wabash Valley

For more than three decades, Wabash Valley has supplied trash receptacles and other outdoor furnishings to commercial facilities ranging from office buildings and sports arenas to parks and outdoor eateries. Our products are among the highest-quality and most durable furnishings on the market. To learn more about our 55-gallon Classic Collection trash receptacle, contact us today.

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