32 Gallon Outdoor Trash Receptacle – Flare Top – Classic Collection

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An attractive trash receptacle can help maintain the visual appeal of any outdoor commercial area. More importantly, it’s critical to have these functional wastebaskets conveniently available around a facility to control litter and prevent unpleasant odors. Wabash Valley Site Furnishing’s 32-gallon outdoor receptacle from the Classic Collection can do all that and more.

Spice Up Your Outdoor Area With Wabash Valley 32-Gallon Trash Receptacles

The design options for our heavy-duty 32-gallon trash receptacles allow a business to create a wide range of looks for any outdoor location. In addition to enhancing the receptacle’s functionality and availability, the 12 vivid color options grab attention and encourage patrons to throw their litter away. The Plastisol coating fights against corrosion and moisture in regions that are prone to rainfall and humidity.

The receptacles are customizable with diamond, perforated or rib patterns to add a unique accent to an area’s theme or mood.

The flared top of our 32-gallon trash receptacle adds an extra element of functionality to catch excess trash that would otherwise miss the opening. For businesses that prefer the practicality of lids, we sell several 32-gallon lid options. For additional durability and easy removal, a 32-gallon plastic liner with handles is available for the interior.

We also offer a side-door option that allows for easy removal once filled. The 30-gallon capacity is perfect for maintenance crews, as it’s large enough to avoid frequent emptying while still being easy to handle. For mounting purposes, we can supply a surface mount or in-ground mount post package, sold separately.

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Whether you want to contain waste around your office building, outdoor park area, recreational facility or school, the 32-gallon Classic Collection receptacle is the perfect solution. To learn more about Wabash Valley’s line of other outdoor furnishings, browse our catalog or contact us online today.

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