Recycled Plastic Lumber


Recycled Plastic Lumber

Over the past few decades, consumers and contractors have moved toward using recycled plastic lumber (RPL) for many applications. RPL protects forests by limiting the need for wood materials. At the same time, it gives some types of plastics a new use.

At Wabash Valley Site Furnishings, many of our high-quality products for outdoor use in parks and playgrounds are engineered from RPL. Check out our full line-up of RPL options the next time you need benches, tables, receptacles or other outdoor furniture and site amenities.

What Is Recycled Plastic Lumber?

RPL can be a bit confusing at first. Does it contain wood? Is it really recycled?

To begin with, recycled plastic lumber is derived from 100% plastic materials. No trees contribute to the making of RPL. Many people concerned about the environment approve of the reuse and reclaiming of plastics that might otherwise be discarded to create a hard, wood-like surface.

RPL is carefully molded to mimic the appearance and, in some cases, the texture of wood grain. RPL can be stained and painted, making it quite versatile as a building option for lots of applications. In fact, many homeowners are familiar with RPL because they’ve used it as an alternative to wood when constructing decks.

What Are the Benefits of Recycled Plastic Lumber?

The advantages of using recycled plastic lumber instead of wood are quite extensive. Some of them include:

  • Lessening the waste burden in landfills by giving some kinds of plastics new functions.
  • Eliminating worries about insect infestation and rot in outdoor products exposed to changing weather conditions.
  • Providing an affordable substitute for wood for outside furnishings and recreational products.
  • Offering up a moldable material that can be recycled after use.

How Is Recycled Plastic Lumber Used?

As you’ll notice as you look through our online catalog, RPL can be used as the basic building material in everything from benches to picnic tables. Because it’s weather-resistant and can be shaped and twisted during the production process, recycled plastic lumber continues to be a preferred choice among outdoor facility engineers, builders and planners.

If you’re thinking about purchasing furniture and other solutions that will be located outside most of the time, consider investing in recycled outdoor furniture. Our site makes it easier for you to find RPL-based choices that match your goals and exceed your expectations.

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