Powder Coating


Powder Coating

When you want to add color to outdoor furniture like dining sets, trash receptacles and seating, you have a few choices. One is to completely cover the items with a matte or shiny powder coating.

At Wabash Valley Site Furnishings, plenty of our products feature a powder coating. Powder coatings can transform the appearance of many outside furnishings and accessories.

Check out our catalog to see which ones could be right for your upcoming outdoor project installation needs.

What Is Powder Coating?

All powder coatings have the same basic makeup. They’re heat-cured to create a thick coating that can be professionally applied to numerous surfaces, including metals and recycled plastic lumber (RPL).

Once in place, powder coating tends to adhere evenly and smoothly. Because it resists peeling and the effects of weather exposure, powder coating makes an ideal choice for any items that will be kept outdoors.

Another appealing aspect of powder coatings is that they offer so much variety. For instance, matte powder coating offers a flat finish that’s clean but not shiny. It’s ideally suited for picnic benches and other park and recreational facility furniture.

How Is Powder Coating Used?

As mentioned above, powder coatings can be found in many outdoor furnishing applications. They provide a nonreflective surface that lends itself well to easy cleanup and consistent longevity.

Shiny powder coating protects outdoor furnishings from changeable weather conditions — and it looks great, too. The shine causes covered products to take on a cleaner, more appealing look in direct sunlight.

Some of the types of products that benefit from a coating of shiny powder can include picnic benches and tables, outdoor seating areas, and even trash receptacles.

What Benefits Come From Choosing Powder Coating?

When you’re weighing your powder coating options, consider the following advantages:

  • A matte powder coating finish can be applied to a variety of furniture materials.
  • The matte finish reduces the appearance of normal wear on furnishings. As a result, a bench or series of outdoor seats will look newer longer with this kind of finish.
  • Matte powder coatings come in a variety of colors. You don’t have to sacrifice selection to get the hue that you want.
  • You can expect dependability and weather resistance season after season. Matte powder coatings are unlike regular spray painted coatings. They adhere firmly to surfaces without letting go as temperatures dip and precipitation falls.
  • The shine will last because powder coating adheres beautifully and remains in place for years. No more spray paint flaking or peeling!
  • Shiny powder coating adds a protective barrier to exterior furniture and other items. This barrier is important because it helps keep the items looking great and functioning for the long haul.
  • All our powder coatings come in a range of colors. That means you can get the hue you want without giving up the gleaming effects of a shiny protective finish.

Buy Outdoor Furniture With Matte Powder Coating

If you’re looking for the right outdoor furniture for your next big exterior project, trust Wabash Valley to deliver exceptional solutions — including many featuring powder coatings. Remember that many of our items can be customized, too.

Contact us today to initiate a quote or get your questions answered by our knowledgeable team of service professionals. We’re always happy to help, especially when it comes to choosing the right materials.