Commercial park bench swings bring a unique outdoor relaxation quality to your park or business’s open-air space. For recreational areas, offices, hospitals and waiting areas, commercial bench swings can bring a nostalgic element to outdoor lounging that recalls early childhood memories. Swinging bench seats are also a favorite at school playgrounds, encouraging students to socialize and have fun.

Industries that Use Outdoor Park Bench Swings

Sectors that could benefit from commercial bench swings include:

  • Hospitals and health care facilities. Swinging bench seats provide visitors with a place to sit and relax while waiting on or picking up loved ones. Hospital guests could also benefit from sitting outside in the fresh air during their stay.
  • Recreational areas, theme parks and schools. Children and families will appreciate this popular spin on the traditional swing — they can now sit and enjoy the outdoors with more than one person.
  • Industrial settings. The stylish design, comfort and easy maintenance of our swings make them ideal for industrial environments.
  • Outdoor restaurant patios. Create a laid-back ambiance on your patio with an outdoor swing bench.


Outdoor swing benches are a perfect blend of function and form in a comfortable one-piece configuration. The swinging bench seat’s plastisol coating —a natural insulator — keeps the swings from getting too hot in direct sunlight. The seat arms are coated in our AAMA-2604-05 compliant powder coating.

When you choose swinging bench seats from Wabash Valley Site Furnishings, you’ll enjoy several benefits:

  • We selected the materials and finishes for our swings based on their durability.
  • Our swings are engineered for commercial use and come in an array of different colors and styles.
  • You can order 4- or 6-foot bench swings from Wabash Valley Furnishings in your choice of perforated, diamond, slat or rib patterns.
  • Outdoor bench swings are designed for minimal maintenance. You can use each of our commercial bench swings in conjunction with our square or round post packages, each sold separately.

Let Wabash Valley Be Your Source for Outdoor Bench Swings

Many areas that can accommodate outdoor seating can benefit from commercial park bench swings. These swinging bench seats allow visitors to enjoy the fresh air while inspiring them to be more active. When you’re ready to buy, Wabash Valley Furnishings offers high-end, aesthetically appealing outdoor swing benches at competitive prices.

Peruse our project gallery to see what we do. Reach out to one of our representatives today for a quote or to learn more about the commercial bench swings we offer.