Hand Sanitizing Stations



With concerns about personal hygiene and cleanliness at an all-time high due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there has never been a greater demand for hand sanitizer at schools, restaurants, stores and other businesses. Stand-alone hand sanitizer dispensers give you the option to install stands around your location, providing everyone with easy access to sanitizer when soap and water are not available.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends using hand sanitizer at times when you cannot wash your hands. Customers have come to expect that businesses will have hand sanitizer available on-demand, and temporary solutions are not holding up as well given the fact that they are used more often and in more extreme elements.


The one-piece base-stand without hood option is available in one color only. The two-piece base-stand with hood option is available in one color or two color — base-stand and cover can be different, as shown above.

*Liquid Gel and batteries not included with the hand sanitizer dispenser. Dispensers can only be purchased with a Wabash Valley Hand Sanitizer Stand. You may purchase a stand separately without a dispenser.


At Wabash Valley Site Furnishings, our hand sanitizer stands can be placed indoors or outdoors. They offer exceptional durability and strength, with a five-year warranty that guarantees the stands will not rust when used under normal conditions. Our four models are available with or without tamper-resistant locks. Other features and benefits include:

  • Accessibility: By placing multiple stands around your property, you give customers more opportunities to use the dispensers frequently.
  • Convenience: Our stands are compatible with auto-dispensing sanitizer dispensers for easy convenience and less need to clean parts.
  • Mounting options: Choose from surface mount, in-ground mount or portable, all designed to increase stability.
  • Color selection: The stands come in a range of colors so you can complement your business brand or school’s color scheme.
  • Fade-resistant: These stands maintain their color, with fade resistance tested by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA).


Numerous types of businesses benefit from providing visitors with convenient hand sanitizing stations. A hand sanitizer stand indicates that an establishment is health-conscious, hygienic and safe. Along with safeguarding customers, stations for frequent hand sanitization can also protect workers’ health while giving them peace of mind.

Some places that stand to gain the most from installing commercial hand sanitizer stands include:

  • Medical offices: Make patients feel instantly at ease and set a high sanitary standard with multiple hand sanitizing stations.
  • Hotels: Keep guests safe and healthy by setting up hand sanitizer stands in public areas.
  • Restaurants: Create a clean eating environment by installing hand sanitizer stands at the restaurant entrance.
  • Schools and university campusesMake sure students and teachers stay healthy and able to attend classes by helping them frequently sanitize their hands with sanitizer stations.
  • Fitness centers and gymsSweat can easily transmit germs — protect gym members and employees by making sanitizer accessible via hand sanitizer stands.
  • Retail centers: Lots of people touch a store’s products throughout the day. Make sure their hands are clean by spreading hand sanitizer stands throughout the retail center.
  • Apartment complexes: Put up hand sanitizer stands in an apartment complex to guard the health of all its residents.
  • Office buildings: Keep employees healthy and safe at work by installing hand sanitizer stands in high-traffic areas of the office.


  • Our hand sanitizer stations offer touch and durable welded carbon steel construction for the most demanding indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Automatic hand sanitizer dispensers are now available with the purchase of any stand.
  • Six models are available with and without tamper-resistant lockable cabinets.
  • All units are 100% powder coated with a five-year warranty that guarantees the unit will not rust under normal usage. Units have been tested for adhesion, chemical resistance, corrosion and fade resistance as per AAMA 2605-05 (American Architectural Manufacturers Association).
  • A wide variety of colors are available — see color chart below.
  • Compatible with most hand sanitizer dispensers. Units can be mounted using pre-drilled holes or new holes can be drilled by the installer.
  • Adhesive backing can also be used to mount dispensers to the backplate. (Adhesive backing is not included.)
  • Surface mount and in-ground mount for applications where the unit can securely and permanently be mounted to solid surfaces or in the ground.
  • Portable / surface mount provides improved stability. Units can be fastened to a solid surface and are stable enough to be used without fasteners when mobility is required.
  • Manufacturer’s limited warranty. Made in the USA.


Once you have decided on which hand sanitizer stand to purchase, you will need to get a commercial hand sanitizer dispenser to go with it. An automatic hand sanitizer dispenser is a convenient, quick and easy way to distribute hand sanitizer effectively. With an automatic dispenser, you can ensure every user gets the proper amount of hand sanitizer without taking too much and wasting excess product.

Operating an automatic hand sanitizer is easy — simply insert the batteries or AC/DC adapter, fill it with the correct amount of liquid sanitizer and turn the machine on. Most automatic hand sanitizer dispensers use infrared sensor technology to release a liquid or foam hand sanitizer at just the right moment. Before putting the dispenser out for public use, prime it by activating it to disperse a few rounds of air until the hand sanitizer is released.

Automatic hand sanitizer dispensers also allow for easy installation and minimal maintenance. As long as the dispenser is periodically wiped down with a dry towel, it will last a long time without needing to be replaced. Although the dispenser itself is long-lasting, keep in mind that its batteries will have to be changed every so often, which will be indicated by a frequently blinking red light.


  • Our hand sanitizer dispensers consist of ABS plastic and come in liquid or foam varieties.
  • All dispensers hold 1,000 milliliters of hand sanitizer and release 1 milliliter of liquid sanitizer or one-quarter of a milliliter of foaming sanitizer.
  • Easy-access soap tanks make refilling our commercial hand sanitizer dispensers simple.
  • Automatic hand sanitizer dispensers use an infrared sensor system with a range of 50-120 millimeters to detect hand motion.
  • The power supply of our hand sanitizer dispensers is either four C-size alkaline batteries (not included) or an AC/DC adapter (not included but optional).
  • Commercial hand sanitizer dispensers can be easily attached to a commercial grade hand sanitizer stand or screwed into the wall.


Learn more about our durable hand sanitizer stands that can be placed inside and outside your facility. We offer bulk pricing that is ideal for commercial and government applications, including restaurants, schools and retail stores. Contact us today to place an order or build a quote directly!