Introducing Haven™ Solar Structures

Designed and manufactured by Spotlight Solar. Beautiful Solar Structures. 

You deserve a break from indoors. Find sanctuary from the sun and don't miss a beat with solar power! 

  • Sustainable energy source. Power up outside.
  • Eye-catching design including a large solar canopy
  • Durable construction
  • Easy installation
  • Versatile lighting
  • Shade with comfort and style
  • Seating thermally enhanced for an extended lifespan
  • Promotes environmental stewardship
  • Enjoy more outdoors

Haven Power

Haven provides a versatile solution for both closeness and distance, whether it's at work, school, or recreational areas like parks, soccer fields, or concerts. It offers plentiful solar energy to charge various devices such as phones, laptops, speakers, and even scooters, along with long-lasting batteries to keep you powered throughout the day and night. With Haven's refined lighting system, you can enjoy a serene atmosphere. Furthermore, Haven's design is adaptable, offering a choice between a standing-height table or a spacious seating area, as well as the option to add features like internet access or e-bike charging. You can also integrate signage and digital content to promote your eco-friendly energy message.

Haven is designed to support multiple users and devices with three days of clean energy reserves in case of cloudy weather. Lithium batteries are used for long life and high performance in a range of temperatures.

Key benefits:

  • Work outside with your devices 
  • Easy installation nearly anywhere 
  • Lighting options allow for work at any hour 

Why Do You Need a Solar Canopy?

On sunny days, we all want to spend time in the great outdoors. But we also need to remain connected to work, family or students. A solar canopy provides an area to relax in the shade while charging devices with eco-friendly power. 

The Haven solar canopy has an adaptable design. You can install a spacious seating area or a standing-height table under it. You can customize yours with an internet hot spot or e-bike charging.

The solar panels on top of Haven provide power to multiple devices simultaneously. The structure uses lithium batteries, which have a long life and can withstand temperature fluctuations. You can count on the solar canopy to provide power even on cloudy days — its solar panels can store up to three days' worth of energy reserves.

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Where Can You Use Haven Solar Structures?

Haven solar structures are at home in a range of settings, including:

  • Work: Create an outdoor area where employees can take a break or enjoy their lunch. If you choose to install the standing table, you can provide an outdoor office space, allowing your team to breathe fresh air while they send emails.
  • School: A solar canopy allows students to relax after school or between classes. They can charge their laptops and phones while waiting for their parents to pick them up. If you opt for the e-bike charging station, students who bike to school won't have to worry about losing power on the ride home.
  • Recreation areas: A solar canopy is at home in a park, particularly one with a lot of use in the evening or after dark. Lights on the canopy provide illumination and help to enhance security.
  • Outdoor music venues: No one wants their phone to die during an outdoor concert. A solar canopy is the perfect place to recharge during a show. It can also provide shelter for people with lawn tickets in case of rain.
  • Corporate settings: Add solar canopies to your corporate campus to give visitors and employees a place to sit and recharge. A canopy can be an extra perk that makes your business a more attractive workplace.  

Benefits of Solar Structures

With a solar canopy, you can tap into the sun's power and make your school, corporate campus or park more appealing. Some of the benefits of solar structures include:

  • Eye-catching design: Haven's large solar canopy stands out and grabs attention. 
  • Durable construction: We designed our solar canopy to be long-lasting and to withstand exposure to rain, the sun and other elements.
  • Easy installation: Installing the solar canopy is easy. If you have any questions, we can provide assistance.
  • Versatile lighting: Haven's refined lighting system creates a calming atmosphere. 

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