Unique Products to Enhance Your Park

Unique products to enhance your park

| Apr 19, 2021

Outdoor spaces provide benefits to visitors like lower anxiety, increased socialization, improved sleep and boosted self-esteem. But how do you attract visitors to your park and keep them entertained long enough to receive these benefits? Designing your park with unique features will make your outdoor space stand out to visitors — you just have to know what to add.

Discover unique products for parks below, along with the best place to purchase high-quality and budget-friendly commercial furnishings and site amenities.

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Benefits of Choosing Unique Park Products

If you haven’t considered stand-out furnishings, features and amenities for your park, think about the advantages they could provide. Some benefits of unique park products include the following:

Enhance Park Aesthetics

The best public parks that attract the most visitors are those with quality aesthetics, or the overall beauty and attractiveness of a space. It extends to the visual appearance of your park, along with safety, convenience, amenities and sanitization.

Studies show that park-goers enjoy a balance between natural spaces and amenities. Parks naturally have plenty of trees for viewing and grass to walk on, potentially ponds or other water features, too, depending on your location. Strengthen your park’s aesthetics by adding stand-out and attractive amenities like:

  • Walking paths
  • Playgrounds
  • Picnic tables
  • Game tables

Attract More Visitors

Parks with quality aesthetics attract more visitors. Increased visitors could encourage local legislators to put more funding into the park, helping it continue to flourish. And when more people go to your community’s green space, they can patronize nearby businesses and boost the local economy. Some unique ways you can attract more people to your park and the surrounding community include:

  • Amenities: By definition, parks are any public green areas with grass and trees. Amenities are anything else that adds value to these spaces. By adding stand-out amenities, you’re enticing visitors with more things to do and ways to engage with your public space.
  • Games and activities: Major amenities that deserve their own recognition are games and activities. People visit parks to play games like tennis, frisbee, volleyball, soccer and other sports. Make your park a destination by accommodating these needs with stand-out features.
  • Events: Use your amenities to your advantage by hosting public gatherings. Some examples of community-wide events you can host are sports championships, cookouts or chess tournaments.

Encourage Longer Park Interaction

On average, people stay at parks anywhere from 15 minutes to a couple of hours. By adding amenities to your green space, you’re giving visitors more opportunities to engage in fun activities. Plus, visitors will see your park as a destination, likely to bring friends and family to partake in longer fun. Longer interaction can then create a stronger sense of community and show the value of your green space and its unique amenities.

Unique Park Products Available

Make your green space stand out from others by installing some of these unique park products:

1. Grills

When visitors spend more time at your park, they’re bound to get hungry. Keep your visitors at your park by designing grilling spaces on your grounds. Visitors don’t have to bring their own portable grills, and they can enjoy spending more time in the outdoor space.

Place grills next to picnic areas for convenient gathering spaces. Also, ensure there are trash receptacles and hand sanitizing stations nearby to maintain park appearance and sanitization.

Along with recreational use, optimize your grills’ performance by hosting events like grilling competitions. You gain visitors’ awareness and spark interest in using your amenities in the future.

2. Shelters

The elements can greatly affect the amount of time people spend at your park. Shelters are great commercial products that provide visitors protection from elements like sunshine and rain. They come in a variety of styles, including with or without seating. Place shelters strategically around your park, like along walking paths, or near communal spaces, like picnic areas. 

3. Hand Sanitizing Stations

There is increasing concern about sanitization. Unless you have a public restroom, visitors lack access to water and soap while at parks. Consider adding automatic or manual hand sanitizer dispensers for visitors to use. Many planners prefer automatic hand sanitizer dispensers because they disperse a consistent and appropriate amount of sanitizer, avoiding any misuse or expelling of excess product. 

Place hand sanitation stations near communal areas, especially around places where people will be consuming food, and park entrances.

4. Game Tables

Game tables are comparable to normal tables, except they have a checkered surface perfect for games like chess or checkers. Visitors aren’t limited to those games, though. The flat surface allows people to bring their games or puzzles from home and conveniently play them at the park.

Consider investing in Americans with Disabilities Act-accessible (ADA) game tables, too, which have an open space for wheelchairs or other assistants. Place game tables near communal areas like near grills or under pavilions.

5. Bike Loop Racks

Bicycling is a common hobby for over 47 million people in the U.S. Parks, especially those with a walking path, are common destinations for these hobbyists. Accommodate their needs by providing bike loop racks, where bicyclists can safely store their bikes and partake in other park amenities.

6. Ash-Trash or Ash Urns

Over 34.1 million U.S. adults smoke cigarettes. If your park allows smoking, smokers are bound to visit. Place ash-trash, or ash urns, around various areas of your park so smokers can appropriately dispose of their cigarette butts. You’ll keep your green spaces and amenities clean and protect your area’s wildlife.

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