The Importance of Custom Outdoor Furniture in the Hospitality Industry

Outdoor table with umbrellas over them

| Sep 27, 2023

The furniture pieces you have outside your establishment are some of the first things guests see when they arrive. Together with the exterior of your hotel or resort, your furniture choices tell a story to your guests. You want guests to feel elation, excitement, and pleasure when they view your version of outdoor living.

Because outdoor furniture pieces are so important, many professionals in the hospitality industry opt for custom designs. When furniture is custom-designed, it looks like it belongs in your space. It fits perfectly, both physically and visually. Overall, custom furniture can add significant value to your hospitality business.

Why Choose Custom Hospitality Seating Solutions?

Everything in the hospitality industry is driven by one underlying factor — guest experience. The thoughts and feelings your space creates will translate into whether guests return and how they remember your establishment. There’s a lot of competition between different hotels and resorts, so finding ways to set your business apart is important.

Custom furniture can help you to create a beautiful, balanced space that leaves a positive impact on guests. Whether you’re interested in tailored outdoor seating for a patio dining space or custom-made furniture for relaxing by your property’s water features, choosing custom seating allows you to build spaces that uniquely meet your guests’ needs and curate a memorable experience.

The Impact of Personalized Outdoor Furniture Designs on Brand Identity

Every element in your business is part of your unique brand. Intentional branding conveys a consistent message to guests and helps to distinguish you from your competitors. At its core, branding is really about who your guests are, or who they want to be. The design choices you make affirm the identity your guests want for themselves.

For example, a tropical hotel can make guests feel adventurous and like they have all the time in the world. The more intimately you know your market sector, the more closely you can align your branding to guests’ dreams and goals for themselves. Value-based branding creates a sense of continuity and refreshment that your guests will love.

Putting together a beautiful outdoor space is an art. If done well, your guests will never know the amount of hard work and planning that went into creating the incredible space they’re enjoying.

Design Benefits of Tailored Outdoor Seating for Businesses

There are many design benefits to choosing custom outdoor seating for your business, including:

  • Create the perfect fit: Every outdoor area is different, and existing furniture options on the market may not fit your space well. Large gaps can look awkward and give your space an empty feel. With custom furniture, you can ensure every item you invest in fits perfectly in its space.
  • Meet your design goals: Tailored outdoor seating can be designed to mesh with the rest of your property’s design. It can be challenging to find the perfect pieces in preexisting furniture sets, either in stores or online. When you work with a custom outdoor furniture manufacturer, you can create a product that fits your goals exactly, from the materials you choose to the colors, shapes and sizes.
  • Invest in high-quality furniture: In many cases, choosing tailored outdoor seating means you’re investing in durable pieces that will last several years to come. Working with a professional custom furniture designer specializing in hospitality can ensure you only select furniture that will withstand heavy use. As a result, you can make the most of your investment, and guests can enjoy quality furniture during their stays.

How to Design a Space With Custom Furniture

As you consider investing in custom furniture for your hotel or resort property, you should think about where you plan to use this furniture. One of the most important factors to consider before designing an outdoor space is its purpose.

What will guests be doing in the space? Will there be multiple areas for different activities or one with a singular goal? For example, many hotels offer various kinds of poolside seating. While some guests may enjoy lounge chairs for sunbathing by the water, others will want to sit in the shade and eat snacks after a swim.

Considering the purpose and use of your space starts with understanding your market sector and asking questions about their experience at your business. Once you’ve gathered enough data, you can create a design that meets your goals and creates an ideal experience for guests that’s consistent with your branding.

Here are a few principles that can help you create an outdoor area that’s an experience worth traveling for:

  • Mix furniture sets for variety.
  • Pair square and circular shapes.
  • Bring in plenty of greenery.
  • Invest in high-quality pieces.
  • Add to the design over time.

Try to avoid seeing your outdoor space as separate from interior design. Don’t forget that guests will be viewing outdoor landscapes and common areas through windows in their rooms, the lobby and any interior dining or event spaces. Surrounding your hotel or resort with furniture that’s on-brand will enhance the experience of guests spending time inside and out. Ordering furniture in the right colors and configurations for your design needs can help you set these spaces apart.

Design an Unforgettable Outdoor Space With Furniture From Wabash Valley Site Furnishings

The value of custom outdoor furniture is that it makes guests feel special. When you take that kind of care with outdoor furniture, guests can sense you’ll take the same approach toward giving them a supporting, thoughtful hospitality experience. Design involves much more than simply purchasing and arranging items — it’s the thought and intention behind what you do that creates the final result and long-term value.

Wabash Valley Site Furnishings allows you to customize your outdoor furniture items with numerous options for colors and configurations. With decades of experience, our expert team can help you choose the best furniture pieces to curate your hotel, resort or restaurant’s outdoor spaces. Whether you’re interested in a specific outdoor grill configuration or need a specific color scheme for your patio dining furniture, we’ll work with you to create a solution.

Are you ready to invest in incredible outdoor seating for your business? Browse our products and find the pieces you need to create an experience your guests will enjoy and talk about for years to come.