Small Amusement Park Outdoor Furniture Guide


| Sep 25, 2023

Your small amusement park brings a lot of charm to families, friends, and school groups. It’s a place for experiencing thrills, making memories, and trying new things. Between all the excitement, you’ll want to give visitors plenty of comfortable places to rest, take in the scenery and enjoy lots of theme park food.

Upgrading your existing amusement park furniture or adding new pieces is a great way to welcome guests to a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing place. This amusement furniture guide walks you through the ways furniture can revitalize your park and help set the stage for a fun space the whole family can enjoy.

The Importance of Furniture for Your Amusement Park

Outdoor furniture can be fun and functional for your visitors, who will come for the attractions and stay for a comfortable atmosphere.

Amusement park furniture is important because it:

  • Helps guests stay comfortable. People flock to your amusement park on nice days for hours of active thrills. Amusement park benches and tables give guests plenty of sitting options when they want to take a break from being on their feet all day. Well-placed furniture scattered throughout your park provides much-needed resting spots so kids and adults alike can recharge before resuming their adventures.
  • Offers places to eat. Part of your small amusement park’s draw is its selection of fun foods and drinks. Guests are more likely to enjoy their food when they can find a place to sit down and relax. Dining tables also invite visitors to stay throughout the day. They know they’ll have comfortable, convenient places to enjoy lunch, dinner and many snacks in between.
  • Promotes your brand. Complete the immersive amusement park experience with a welcoming furniture selection that complements your brand and theme. Benches and tables that reflect your fun colors and cater to the various sections of your park will invite people into the world you’ve created.
  • Lasts a long time. Your park’s furniture will be outside all day, every day in every season, so it must be able to withstand all kinds of weather and temperatures. Furniture that still looks great after years of wear and tear helps your amusement park maintain a pristine image. The right furniture materials will beautify your space and be a worthwhile investment for your business.

When you offer great outdoor furniture at your space, you’ll draw more people to check out your attractions, stay throughout the day and come back for more.

Tips for Choosing Amusement Park Furniture

Once you’ve decided to revitalize your amusement park with new furniture, you’ll want to make the best decisions for your business, brand and budget. Considering your park environment and guests’ needs will help you create an ideal space for your business to thrive.

When narrowing down your options, think about:

Park Size

The bigger your park, the more furniture you’ll want to offer. Finding a range of benches, chairs and tables that fit your budget and fill your space will help you create a welcoming atmosphere that stays consistent wherever guests wander. Think about how many guests flock to your park each day, and make sure you provide enough seats for everyone.

Park Layout

The furniture types and quantities you choose should complement your park’s overarching layout and maximize the space you already use. For instance, you may select an assortment of benches scattered by long paths across from rollercoasters or facing a lake. Or, you might install different-sized park picnic tables throughout an open concessions area to offer enough places to eat.


Depending on your park’s location, you’ll want furniture that can hold up to harsh weather conditions, such as extreme heat or lots of snow. You may want to invest in furniture you can store away at the end of your busy season or furniture covers you can use to protect benches, chairs and tables from the elements.

Furniture Arrangement

Decide whether you want permanent furniture installations or items you can move around to accommodate different park capacities at various times of the year. For instance, if your park closes or partly closes seasonally, keeping some of your furniture out and storing the rest can help preserve most of your inventory. However, if your amusement park is fully open year-round, permanent furniture can provide lasting customer convenience with minimal maintenance.

Furniture Locations

Think about the different areas of your amusement park where guests would benefit from a place to sit down. Each section should have at least a few enticing seats, whether that’s benches overlooking rollercoasters or tables and chairs for parents and caregivers outside of a kids’ play area. Dining areas, in particular, should have functional furniture like table and chair sets so that people can eat comfortably.

Park Surroundings

Choose furniture colors and styles that coordinate with your amusement park’s theme or natural surroundings. If your brand has a distinct color palette, accentuate it with your furniture selection. Or, if your park is in the middle of a stunning natural landscape, draw on the surrounding earth tones to create an environment inspired by what guests see around them.


Whatever furniture designs you decide to go with, make them consistent throughout your entire amusement park. Simple, subtle details like the same benches throughout your park tie together its different sections and remind guests of your overarching theme and brand.


Different outdoor furniture materials have various benefits, depending on your theme park’s location. Some require little maintenance or protection, while others fit certain design aesthetics. High-quality materials to consider include aluminum, faux wood and powder-coated steel.

Types of Amusement Park Furniture

Keeping in mind your business needs and evaluating all the different types of furniture on the market will help you decide what furniture you need for your entertainment business and make the best choices for your park.

Some of the most common theme park furniture options are:

Benches for Public Spaces

Comfortable park benches entice amusement park visitors to stay longer by giving them places to rest from walking all day. People will continue to enjoy their time at your park when they’re well-rested and refreshed for their next adventures. Benches come in lengths of 4, 6 and 8 feet, so you can find the perfect fit for small spaces or high-traffic areas.

Choose from various bench styles, such as:

  • Benches with backs: For a classic design, benches with backs give guests full-body support as they take a break from the day’s activities. Position them to face pretty views or exciting attractions so people stay entertained and immersed in the experience.
  • Benches without backs: Backless benches are another winning option, giving visitors the choice of facing either side. These versatile benches are ideal for seating areas where the action happens all around.
  • Inground benches: For a permanent seating solution, inground benches offer timeless stability and ensure visitors will always find a seat when they need one.
  • Surface mount benches: If you want a semi-permanent seating solution, surface mount benches are the perfect way to combine extra support with flexibility. Attach these benches to a designated area for a season or two, and move them around as needed.
  • Portable benches: Surface mount benches can also be freestanding, so you can move them wherever you need throughout the seasons.

Picnic Tables

Your guests can enjoy food outdoors with picnic tables. Eating stations at convenient locations make full-day stays possible and help keep your amusement park lively for the whole family. Durable tables offer a carefully curated dining experience. Guests know they’re welcome to stay as long as they’d like.

Picnic tables come in many shapes and sizes for all kinds of groups and dining needs. Our variety of picnic tables includes:

  • Tables with seatbacks: Picnic table seats with backs are comfortable, convenient and stylish for small groups.
  • Tables with bench seating: Reinvigorate the classic picnic table look with bench seating, perfectly casual for group gatherings.
  • Round picnic tables: Round picnic tables fit perfectly with a softer park aesthetic of curved lines and pathways.
  • Square picnic tables: Square picnic tables are a great way to maximize space in your amusement park’s dining areas.
  • Rectangular picnic tables: Long rectangular picnic tables give larger groups enough room to enjoy a meal.
  • Accessible picnic tables: Your amusement park should be fun for everyone, which means you should make it as accessible and inclusive as possible for people with disabilities. Accessible picnic tables that adhere to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) give people who use wheelchairs comfortable places to enjoy meals with their families and friends. Your furniture choices can help you give back to your community and strike conversations about other accessibility needs throughout your park and the greater community.

Many picnic tables come with different mounting options. Depending on your dining section plans, you can choose inground, surface mount or portable tables.

Dining Sets

Commercial-grade outdoor dining tables and chairs are an excellent way to upgrade any amusement park food court. Individual, portable furniture pieces make your dining areas as functional as possible, with items guests and employees can move around to suit their needs. Or, you can choose surface mount options for semi-permanent solutions.

Dining set pieces come in various table sizes, heights and shapes.

Outdoor dining set features include:

  • Rectangular tables: Provide a spot for everyone with long, rectangular tables that can fit many chairs around them.
  • Coffee tables: Offer a more casual sitting and dining experience with small coffee tables where people can place their snacks and drinks.
  • Square tables: Make the best use of your space with several square tables, perfect for small groups.
  • Round tables: Provide a sleek, homestyle look with round tables.
  • Chairs with arms: Let guests sit back and relax in comfortable, stately armchairs.
  • Chairs without arms: Provide a fresh furniture layout with a collection of chairs without arms.
  • Bench seats: Provide some versatility in your seating options with movable benches drawn up to tables. Mix and match with different chair styles to create a fun, casual environment.
  • Bar tables: Offer different seating levels in your dining areas, with a few high-rise bar tables scattered around other table styles.
  • Bar chairs: Complement high-top tables with bar chairs designed to fit perfectly for unique social dining experiences.
  • Community tables: You can also pair bar chairs with longer high-rise community tables.

Additional Amenities

Complete your amusement park sitting and dining experience with other site amenities that give guests everything they need for a relaxing day. Fill your park with accessories like:

  • Trash receptacles. The most welcoming amusement parks are clean and free from litter. Visitors can do their part to keep your park tidy when you provide trash receptacles in convenient locations. Add several to dining areas, and make sure they’re also spaced out along walkways and near all concession stands.
  • Hand sanitizer stations. Promote a healthy theme park environment by placing hand sanitizer stations throughout your eating areas and attraction sections. Guests will appreciate the chance to clean their hands while exiting rides or before sitting down to eat their food.
  • Umbrellas. Shade makes all the difference when guests are taking a break or enjoying a meal on a sunny day. Umbrellas are the perfect way to provide localized shade over tables and other sitting areas. Visitors will feel refreshed and want to stay longer when they have cool places to relax and enjoy the nice weather.

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