Considerations When Purchasing Restaurant Outdoor Furniture

Considerations When Purchasing Restaurant Outdoor Furniture

, | Mar 8, 2023

Outdoor dining areas are a great way to maximize your space, bring in new customers and ultimately increase revenue. However, designing an outdoor dining space is not as easy as buying the first few pieces of furniture you find. Learn how to purchase outdoor restaurant furniture to create the most effective and appealing outdoor dining atmosphere.

5 Things to Consider When Purchasing Outdoor Furniture for Your Restaurant

Purchasing commercial outdoor furniture is a big investment, so you want to make sure you get it right. Consider the following five factors to cultivate the perfect outdoor dining atmosphere and please your customers. 

1. The Size of Your Outdoor Dining Area

Available space will play a huge role in the type of furniture you purchase. If you’re working with limited space, bulky furniture will make the area seem crowded and small. Perhaps you’ll install a couple of tall tables and chairs instead of long rectangular tables. The outdoor furniture you choose should complement the space you have. 

A large outdoor space can also feel cramped if you install too much furniture. Therefore, space planning is crucial to consider when purchasing restaurant outdoor furniture. Space planning will help you determine the size and quantity of furniture you can use to maximize your space without overdoing it. People should have space to move and lounge comfortably so that they can enjoy their food or drink in peace.

2. Your Restaurant’s Design Theme or Aesthetic

Your outdoor dining area needs to be functional, but not at the expense of poor design. Beautiful furniture will entice guests to enjoy their meal or drink outside. When choosing the design of your furniture, remember your branding and what makes your restaurant special.

Cohesive and consistent branding is paramount for restaurants and extends to the look of your outdoor furniture. Guests should be able to see the connection between your patio space and your restaurant’s interior. If your dining interior uses sophisticated, muted-tone furniture, the same should go for the outdoor area. Your outdoor space should be an extension of your indoor dining aesthetic.

3. The Space’s Intended Use

Are you looking to create a quiet outdoor dining area, a fun outdoor bar scene or maybe a mix of both? Its intended use will help determine the type of furniture you need. If you plan to foster a romantic atmosphere, you’ll want to look for nice tables that can accommodate a party of two out on a date night. For more of a celebratory space, install tables that can sit larger parties celebrating achievements or birthdays.

If you’re creating a fun, relaxing outdoor bar, you’ll want to purchase bar stools and high-top tables that make mingling and socializing easier for guests. Defining how your space will be used also helps guide your decoration purchasing decisions. Family-friendly spaces may call for different decorations than an adult-only space.

4. The Weather in Your Area

Consider If the Weather in Your Area is Appropriate for Year-Round Patio Usage

Understanding your area’s climate is another crucial aspect of choosing outdoor restaurant furniture. First, consider if it is realistic for your patio to remain open year-round. It’s unlikely that restaurants in places with cold winters will be able to use their patios all year long — unless you experiment with outdoor heaters or fireplaces. 

If you have to close your patio during winter, you’ll have to store the furniture. Keeping the furniture indoors means it needs to be light enough to move. You’ll also need a storage space big enough to house your furniture. If you plan to keep your furniture outdoors, it is crucial to purchase high-quality and durable furniture that can handle severe winter weather. Read our guide on protecting furniture during the winter to learn more.

If your restaurant is near water, you’ll also need to consider wind levels. You’ll want to make sure your furniture is secure or heavy enough to withstand strong winds. Additionally, if your dining space does not have a roof or awning, consider adding umbrellas to protect customers from rain or intense sun. 

5. Outdoor Furniture Maintenance

As restaurant owners or managers, you know running a business is an immense task. The last thing you want to add to your list of responsibilities is maintaining your outdoor furniture. Choosing the right brand of outdoor furniture allows you to prioritize the most important tasks knowing you can trust your furniture to hold up.

Daily maintenance takes up time and resources. If your furniture requires a lot of maintenance and does not receive the proper care, you will find yourself having to replace your furniture, which will cost more time and money. Take your time finding minimal maintenance outdoor furniture so you can feel confident knowing your furniture is built to last.

Mistakes to Avoid

When designing a commercial outdoor space, you are given a lot of freedom to express your creativity and build a space you and your guests will love. While you have the freedom to design your outdoor dining area however you want, we recommend avoiding the following practices:

  • Buying residential furniture: It is essential to purchase furniture intended for commercial use. Residential furniture will not offer the durability or functionality your business needs. You can also buy commercial furniture in bulk, which saves money and provides the durability you need. 
  • Purchasing indoor furniture: Outdoor furniture is designed specifically to handle the elements. Even if some sort of roofing covers your outdoor area, indoor furniture placed outside will still damage more quickly and faster than outdoor furniture. Other than its durability issues, indoor furniture may look out of place when used outside because indoor and outdoor furniture typically have different aesthetics.
  • Using the wrong amount of furniture: Including too much furniture will make your outdoor space feel crowded, which may discourage guests from dining with you outdoors. However, using too little furniture will make your space feel empty and incomplete. It is important to design the space with enough furniture to make the area lively without making guests feel cramped or uncomfortable.
  • Incorporating unnecessary pieces: Designing an outdoor dining area allows you to explore your creative side. However, try not to get too carried away and start incorporating unnecessary furniture. An example of an unnecessary piece would be a bulky decoration that takes away space for another table or other furniture that would be functional within the space. Of course, you’ll want to add decorations, but be mindful of the space it will take up.

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