Best Outdoor Dining Tables for Small Restaurants


| Sep 25, 2023

Your restaurant customers deserve the highest quality dining experience you can offer. Outdoor dining is an exciting option for longtime guests and newcomers alike.

Whether your restaurant is offering outdoor dining for the first time or you’re looking to upgrade your existing patio ambiance, knowing what furniture qualities to look for is the first step toward revitalizing your dining experience.

How to Choose Outdoor Dining Tables

With the wide variety of outdoor dining furniture on the market, you’ll need to narrow your options to determine the best tables and chairs for your business. Considering your business needs, location and guest preferences will help you invest in furniture that helps your restaurant thrive.

While searching for the ideal outdoor dining tables, consider:

  • Restaurant size: Think about how much space you have to place outdoor seating. The table sizes and shapes you choose should help you maximize the space you have.
  • Furniture arrangement: How will you want to arrange the tables? Consider how far apart they need to be for optimal mobility and whether you’ll group them into sections.
  • Location climate: Depending on your restaurant’s location, you’ll want furniture that can withstand different weather conditions. Corrosion-resistant pieces hold up well in rainy conditions, and portable furniture allows you to store tables and chairs indoors during wintertime.
  • Restaurant surroundings: Outdoor seating provides a great opportunity to take inspiration from your location’s surroundings. For example, you can choose furniture colors and styles in earth tones to blend with a natural setting or ones that coordinate with a modern city atmosphere.
  • Furniture materials: Your restaurant’s location, aesthetic and budget will all play a role in the materials you choose for your furniture. Different materials require different amounts of maintenance, and some hold up better than others in different climates. Some popular, quality materials include faux wood, powder-coated steel and aluminum.
  • Restaurant branding: Match your outdoor furniture to the restaurant theming you already convey in other areas. New furniture can rejuvenate and elevate your brand and inspire guests to come back again. When solidifying your brand through furniture, consistency throughout your whole restaurant is key.

Small Restaurant Dining Sets at Wabash Valley

Commercial dining sets are the perfect way to upgrade your restaurant’s outdoor space. Portable furniture makes your patio area as functional as possible, allowing you to host everyone from small groups to large gatherings.

Wabash Valley Site Furnishings provides several sophisticated outdoor furniture collections so you have lots of styles, colors and prices to choose from.


Dining tables are the main focus of your outdoor eating area. You’ll want to provide guests with enough space to enjoy their food while facilitating fun gatherings.

Outdoor dining tables come in a range of sizes, so you can mix and match different seating areas as your space allows. Some of the best outdoor dining tables for small restaurants include:

  • Rectangular tables: Offer enough space for everyone with long, rectangular tables that can fit several chairs around them.
  • Square tables: Create more intimate dining experiences with square tables, perfect for small groups or pairs of guests. Smaller tables let you maximize your outdoor dining space so you can fit the most groups possible.
  • Round tables: Add a comforting aesthetic with small, round tables, ideal for four guests or less.
  • Bar tables: If your restaurant has an outdoor bar scene, bar tables are the perfect addition to this casual atmosphere. Choose from square bar tables or round bar tables, which are both high-top options that contribute to a unique social dining experience for small groups.
  • Community tables: Invite larger groups to enjoy your outdoor bar with high-top community tables, which can fit several chairs around them.
  • Drink rails: Complete your outdoor bar experience with a few drink rails, perfect for people who just want a drink or two while waiting for a table or relaxing for the night.

Many tables have surface mount and portable options, giving your restaurant flexibility. You can create a semi-permanent outdoor furniture configuration or have the option of moving tables around as needed and easily storing them when not in use.

You can also use umbrellas with many of Bramford’s tables, offering your guests ultimate comfort on sunny days.


All great dining tables need chairs to go with them. Add a variety of chairs to your space so people can enjoy their meals with ease. Some of the best chairs to complement the different dining tables are:

  • Casual chairs: Classic dining chairs upgrade any outdoor dining patio. Choose from chairs with or without arms, or place a combination at each table for an eclectic look. Many chairs are stackable for easy storage.
  • Bench seats: Switch up the seating options at long tables with bench seating, perfect for a casual dining environment.
  • Bar chairs: Match high-rise bar chairs with high-top bar tables so everyone has a place to sit while having a drink.

Benefits of Outdoor Dining Sets for Small Restaurants

At your restaurant, providing comfortable and fun experiences for all is your top priority. Outdoor dining sets can help you create a fun and functional restaurant patio that guests can flock to for years to come.

Some of the biggest benefits of outdoor furniture are:

  • Comfort: Restaurants offer great food and service, and a comfortable place to enjoy those perks. High-quality chairs and tables let guests know you’re passionate about offering spaces they’ll want to keep coming back to.
  • Durability: When furniture is outside all day, it’s exposed to a range of conditions, from extreme heat and sunlight to rain, wind and possibly snow. Dining sets designed for outdoor use can withstand all kinds of weather and temperatures and will still look great after years of use. The right furniture helps your restaurant maintain a pristine image for years to come.
  • Branding: Invite guests to experience your restaurant’s unique atmosphere with tables and chairs in colors and styles that reinforce your brand and theme.
  • Restaurant expansion: If you’ve wanted to create an outdoor section of your restaurant, dining sets help make those plans possible. Bring your successful customer service outside, starting with enjoyable furniture perfect for any space or occasion!

Purchase a Dining Set for Your Restaurant Today!

Whether your restaurant is revitalizing an existing outdoor dining area or creating an entirely new one, your business and your guests will benefit from quality outdoor furniture. From tables and chairs to bar furniture and all the amenities in between, Wabash Valley Site Furnishings has everything you need to create a comfortable and dynamic outdoor dining experience!

Browse our site to see everything we offer, and customize each piece or set you choose to accentuate your brand. Our options are affordable, and you can have each product shipped directly to your restaurant, saving you time and money throughout the entire purchasing process.