Benefits of Outdoor Furniture for Poolside Dining and Lounging

Set table by the pool side

| Sep 27, 2023

You want to offer your guests a full relaxation experience, one that they’ll be talking about for years and recommending to all their friends. For many people, having access to a pool is an expected part of staying in a hotel or resort. If you can create a memorable poolside experience, you’ll be that much closer to satisfying your guests.

Swimming pools serve a dual purpose — they feel like a luxury and help travelers stay cool during hot summer weather. While some guests want to swim, others may prefer to sunbathe, read a book or take a nap by the poolside. You can help your guests truly unwind and relax by providing them with the best quality outdoor furniture for poolside dining and lounging.

Why Invest in Poolside Hospitality Furniture?

Every hospitality business is unique in its mission, purpose and target market. All hospitality businesses that feature a pool on their properties can benefit from poolside outdoor furniture. Hotels, resorts and restaurants with pools can use outdoor furniture to better serve their guests and create a truly memorable space. If your business serves multiple market sectors, consider choosing items that are versatile and durable to meet every guest’s needs.

People travel for an experience — for business, pleasure or a mixture of both. When you invest in poolside hospitality furniture, you create a complete experience they’ll remember and enjoy for years. Putting together a comfortable and exciting poolside space is part of creating the story and unique brand you want your customers to remember.

Here are a few important benefits of poolside furniture for your hotel or resort: 

  • Convenience: By placing different kinds of outdoor furniture around your pool, you can meet many needs — guests can lounge, enjoy snacks or lunch or simply take a break from swimming. With access to picnic tables, dining sets and other seating arrangements, your guests will have numerous options, making their trip to your pool convenient and easy.
  • Comfort: When you add furniture to your outdoor pool or dining space, it becomes much more comfortable for guests. For example, adding quality dining sets to your pool area means guests can comfortably enjoy drinks and snacks poolside — no need for them to head back to their rooms or elsewhere on the property to grab a bite.
  • Visual appeal: When you add poolside and dining furniture to your space, you can make the area more exciting for guests. Additionally, you can invest in options that complement your existing design choices, allowing you to create a truly beautiful outdoor pool area.

Ultimately, outfitting your space with durable poolside outdoor furniture can ensure you go above and beyond to give your guests the best experience possible, whether they’re interested in lounging around under the sun or plan to spend all day in the pool.

How to Choose Outdoor Seating for Pool Areas

In order to choose the best outdoor seating for your business, start by considering how guests will use it. Do most of your guests prefer to lounge around the pool or hang out in the water? What age groups do you cater to? Why do most of your guests stay with you? By understanding your guests and how they use your space, you can better decide on the best types of outdoor seating for your pool area.

Some materials are more durable or more comfortable than others. If you can, invest in high-quality items that can withstand constant use and moisture. They’ll last longer, handle the weather better and be more comfortable for your guests. Think about color, material and design — how do you want guests to feel in the space? Although items don’t have to match, they should complement each other.

Some popular items for poolside seating include:

  • Lounge chairs
  • Sectionals
  • Small tables
  • Benches
  • Umbrellas

You can mix and match these pieces to create the most comfortable and accessible setting for your guests.

How to Choose Dining Furniture for Pool Areas

Putting patio furniture near the pool is perfect for guests who want to read, eat or talk around a table. Families can use these spaces to enjoy refreshments from your snack bar, and guests using the space for a party can use tables for setting out food and desserts. No matter your target demographic, you can add comfortable poolside dining chairs and tables to suit your guests’ needs.

Before choosing the material or style of your dining sets, consider your guests and your business’s overall design. Although outdoor furniture lives in a separate space from the interior design, it should communicate the same visual appeal and branding as the rest of your hotel or resort. Ideally, you want guests to think of your company when they remember the outdoor space they enjoyed.

The types of events you host will also impact the best choice for outdoor patio furniture. If your pool area is a luxury space that caters to adults, it makes sense to invest in furniture with dark materials and elegant features. A hotel that serves families with children may lean toward colorful table umbrellas and offer picnic-style dining sets.

Overall, think about who you’re serving, what your guests want, and what they’ll be doing in the space. Then, consider the maintenance that will go into caring for poolside items. Pick colors and styles that match your existing brand and will provide continuity for guests. With all of these factors in mind, you can make the best decision for poolside furniture.

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