Receptacle Collections

Nothing completes the look of beautiful outdoor furniture better than functional accessories. Our assortment of receptacles and planters was designed to complement the styles of our diverse collections, so you can match them to whichever seating options you choose.
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3 Distinct Brands of Receptacles

Wabash Valley Manufactures 3 Distinct Brands of Receptacles.

  1. Wabash Valley Brand – A Tough Plastisol-Coating intended to protect outdoor furniture Table Tops and Seats against the elements, is the trademark finish of the Wabash Valley Brand .

  2. Urbanscape Brand – Incorporates a finish of AAMA 2604-05 compliant powder-coating applied as part of a six step process onto its product line. This ensures stunning looks and the highest level of protection. The Urbanscape brand is intented to fit into commercial enviroments where style matters.

  3. Green Valley Brand . - Receptacles slats are constructed with PolyTuf TM which we use to create recycled lumber from post-consumer plastics. You get the look of wood, without the fading and cracking and help the environment by reducing plastic waste and preserving our natural resources.

The Wabash Valley, Urbanscape and Green Valley Brands are industry leaders in Outdoor furniture, right down to the Waste Receptacles . With this much attention paid to the least of products, how much more so with the rest of the product lines.


Receptacle Collections by Brand

Wabash Valley has nested within each brand a series or collection of Commercial Waste or Recycling Receptacles .


Urbanscape Brand

Wabash Valley

Green Valley



Green Valley











RECEPTACLE LIDS Covered after Green Valley Receptacles


Mounting Configurations Across the Brands

  1. In-Ground

  2. Surface Mount

  3. Portable Mount


Receptacle Collections


Wabash Receptacles

Heritage Series 32 Gallon Receptacle

The Heritage Trash Receptacle is designed to complement the Heritage Style benches.

The Receptacle is constructed to mate with our rigid plastic liner as well as with any 32 Gallon lid. Lids are sold separately.

Two patterns are available for the Heritage Receptacle, either Weave or Mission pattern. And as to ensure durability and good looks, the Receptacle is completely coated in our PLASTISOL coating.


Urbanscape Receptacles

Rockport Collection 32 Gallon Receptacle with liner

The Rockport 32 gallon Trash Receptacle is spacious, incorporates a side opening door and includes a rigid plastic liner. So there fewer collections required, its side-door makes it easier to remove trash and its solid bin makes it less messy to empty the trash.

This receptacle is powder-coated in our AAMA 2604-05 compliant powder-coating – Select either our powder-coated faux-wood or standard powder-coated horizontal slat finish.

And wrapping up the feature list is the Rockports Waste receptacles excellent curb appeal. It compliments city and business aesthetics, while providing a valued community service.


Urbanscape - "A" Wide Slat Style 32 Gallon Receptacle with Liner

Its amazing how offsetting the slats on theses waste receptacles can enhance the overall appearance of not just the receptacles themselves, but the area they are stationed. You almost feel guilty putting trash in them.

This “A” Style wide slat pattern matches perfectly with the other slat patterned products.

And like the other Urbanscape products this receptacle is not made of wood, but completely of aluminum with the exception of the plastic liner.

If your décor doesn't require the faux-wood finish, you can select from one of many colors of our AAMA 2604-05 compliant powder coating. And while your at it, choose from one of three lid styles, the Ash Bonnet, Solid Bonnet or Flat top.


Urbanscape - "A" Style 32 Gallon Receptacle

If you want something a bit more sophisticated, check out our “A” Style 32 Gallon Trash Cans. They are all aluminum works of art, with a weave pattern that is striking in appearance without thwarting the purpose of these public servants in terms of trash collection.

Like the wide slat designs, these come with a rigid plastic liner and your choice of a Flat Top, Ash Bonnet or Solid Bonnet lid option. They are coated in our AAMA 2604-05 compliant powder coating.


Urbanscape - "E" Style 32 Gallon Receptacle with Liner

Looking for Commercial Trash Receptacle to match your Perforated or Rod style Wabash Valley products. Meet the “E” Style 32 Gallon Receptacle.

The AAMA 2604-05 compliant powder coating can be matched exactly to your other outdoor Urbanscape products.

The Urbanscape's sleek looks, can be coordinated to fit in with the style of your community street lighting, school color scheme or business strip mall theme, taking your community pride to the next level.

And don't forget these are functional commercial trash cans, that serve your business, government centers, or recreational park areas, not just street art.

The Urbanscape “E” Style Trash Receptacle comes standard with a rigid plastic liner and your choice of Ash Dome, Recycle Bonnet, Solid Dome or Flat Top lid.


Urbanscape - "FG" Style 32 Gallon Receptacle with Liner

The “FG” Style 32 Gallon Receptacles work as well in the capacity of Recycling Trash Cans as they do being used as regular waste cans. Either way they are ideal fits to your other slatted products.

The AAMA 2604-05 compliant powder-coating comes in 14 colors. The Faux-Wood finish is available in Expresso and Wheat and can be special ordered in Italia and Wheathered powder-coat finishes.

The Lid selection comes in your choice of a Flat Top, Ash Dome, Dome Top or Recycle Bonnet lid option


Urbanscape - "I" and "J" Style 32 Gallon Receptacle with Liner

Our Urbanscape "I" and "J" Style 32 Gallon Receptacle Slated and meant to pair up with our other Slat or Rod products.

Both “I” and “J” Receptacles have similar features. Both have standard ridgid plastic liners, choice os side door option for easier liner removal and choice of lids, from Flat Top, Ash Bonnet or Solid Bonnet lid styles.

The finish for both styles is identical, AAMA 2604-05 compliant powder coating in your choice of colors.

The primary difference between the "I" and "J" Style are decorative scrolls which add a little extra style to the “I” Style. So the main question you have to ask yourself is to scroll or not to scroll.


Urbanscape - "K” Style 32 Gallon Receptacle with Liner

Like the “I” and “J” Style of Waste Receptacle, the “K” Style is meant to be used together with other Slat style outdoor furniture. The main difference is the “K” has curves, and curves change everything . The eye can't help but follow the gentle curve of the design as it flows gently down from the shoulder of the receptacle to the thin and evenly spaced base of the unit.

Will an attractive trash receptacle reflect positively on a business, neighborhood or town?

These receptacles come standard with a rigid plastic liner and your choice of a Flat Top, Ash Bonnet or Solid Bonnet lid option. It is coated in our AAMA 2604-05 compliant powder coating


Woodridge Collection 32 Gallon Receptacle with Liner

The Woodridge 32 gallon commercial outdoor trash can was designed to sit along side our Woodridge benches. This waste receptacle comes standard with a rigid plastic liner and your choice of lid from: Flat Top, Ash Bonnet or Bonnet lid option.

Choose between either faux-wood or slat patterns. These units are coated in our aama 2604-05 compliant powder coating and can be ordered as a portable, inground or surface mount version.


Yorktown Collection 32 Gallon Receptacle

Yorktown Trash Receptacles utilizes a hinged flat top lid and includes a plastic liner as a standard feature. Despite its high quality teak look, its actually an all aluminum product. It can be ordered with Faux-Wood finish or Slat pattern. Either way, the finish consists of our AAMA 2604-05 compliant powder coating .


Green Valley Receptacles

Green Valley - 32 Gallon Recycle Slat Receptacle w/ liner

The Green Valley Eco-Friendly line includes Receptacles. Our Waste Receptacles are constructed with Steel Supports to ensure warping and sagging won't be an issue and of course 100% recycled material planks.

Standard features include a rigged plastic liner. Green Valley offers a choice of Portable or Inground mounting options.

As lid needs differ by environment and community factors, Lids are sold separately.


Waste and Recycling Receptacle Lids

Receptacle Lids size are directly proportional to Receptacle size. So all 55 gal lids, fit all 55 gallon Receptacles. Likewise for 22 gallon and 32 gallon sized lids.

Waste and Recycling Receptacle lids come in 5 purpose variations.

  1. Half Ash, half trash lid. The Ash side is for cigarette waste.

  2. Flat Bonnent Style, which helps reduce rain from entering the receptacle. Ash Bonnet, which reduces rain and serves as a cigarette waste depository.

  3. Flat Top, which either slopes inward or outward. Flat Tops may also incorporate Bonnets.

  4. Recycling lids or Dome lids. Frequently found with a door flap.

  5. Specialty lids, such as tray supports above the waste receptacle opening.


Wabash Valley product table tops and seats are coated in our rugged Plastisol-Coating, while the framework is coated in our AAMA 2604-05 compliant Powder-Coating.
Urbanscape products are completely coated in our AAMA 2604-05 compliant powder coating.
Green Valley product top and seats are constructed from recycled material.