Umbrella Collections

FiberBuilt umbrellas are some of the toughest on the market. They are a unique line of umbrellas that are made not only to endure weather conditions, but also to provide the consumer with quality, choice and longevity. What clearly distinguishes the FiberBuilt umbrellas are their nylon joints (yokes), spindle and end tips and their fiberglass support ribs. Unlike traditional metal and wood ribs, their fiberglass ribs are strong and resilient, bending and flexing to absorb wind without breaking or disfiguring. This durability, combined with an inherent resistance to rust and corrosion, results in umbrellas that last four to five times longer than traditional steel- or wood-ribbed umbrellas
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Commercial Outdoor Table Umbrellas

Wabash Valley produces four Outdoor Table Umbrellas

  1. Quick Ship Umbrella

  2. Garden Umbrella

  3. Market Umbrella with One piece pole

  4. Market Umbrella with Two piece pole


Important Table Umbrella Safety Note:


As this is such an important safety feature, Wabash Valley provides Umbrella Collars with each Umbrella sold. And should be used for securing the Umbrellas to the tables.

6-Rib Quick Ship Umbrella

The Quick Ship Umbrella is the economy model of the four Umbrellas sold.

That being said, even our economy line has features normally found on better Table Umbrellas such as Fiberglass Ribs made from Spun Acrylic Fabric.

The Quick Ship Patio Umbrellas are 9 feet in diameter and incorporates 8 3/8 inch ribs.

Pole Thickness equals .065 inches

The Umbrella opens and closes via a crank-lift mechanism

Available Colors:


  1. White

  2. Champagne


Umbrella Fabric:

  1. Beige

  2. Black

  3. Green

  4. Natural

  5. Navy

  6. Pacific Blue


The Quick Ship Umbrellas are typically used as Picnic Table Umbrellas or Patio Umbrellas

And the Economy Umbrella ships with an Umbrella Collar Standard, as the Umbrella MUST BE secured to the patio table.


Garden Umbrella - Textilene Fabric

The Garden Umbrellas feature six 3/8 ribs and a canopy made of Textiline Fabric, which incorporates a coated mesh, thus providing approximately 80% sun blockage. This will outlast economy Umbrellas and is easier to clean.

The Umbrellas are opened and closed with a crank-lift mechanism and poles are available in White and Champagne.

Canopy fabric is available in Solid Textilene Colors of:

  • Black

  • Blue

  • Forrest Green

  • Gray

  • Red

  • Teal

  • Vanilla

  • While

Also available in alternating color sets of:

Blue/White; Red/White; Forest Green/White or Yellow/White

Umbrella Collars are shipped standard with all umbrellas as All UMBRELLAS MUST BE SECURED TO THE TABLES.


Market Umbrella - 1 Piece Pole

The Wabash Valley One Piece Market Umbrellas is the most durable Commercial Outdoor Umbrella we sell.

It is made with the FiberBuilt fiberglass rib system and Marine-Grade Frabric.

The Umbrella diameter is 9 feet in size and is raised and lowered with a push and pin left mechanism. The pole has a heafty .125” wall thickness giving it the extra strength needed to earn it the title of most durable in the collection.

The pole color choices are White or Champagne powder-coat colors or in Faux-Wood colors of Teak or Chestnut.

These are the Umbrellas of choice for cafe's, bistro's, coffee shops and restaurants around the globe. The most Amazing part is that they will look equally good on your home Patio Table as well, and afford you the same great durability as the commercial businesses enjoy.

The Single Pole Market Umbrella ships with an Umbrella Collar as a standard feature as ALL UMBRELLAS MUST BE SECURED TO THE TABLES.


Market Umbrellas - 2 Piece Pole

The Two Piece pole Market Umbrellas are the second most durable Umbrellas. The only reason for second best is the pole wall thickness is at .080 versus the One Pieces .125 thickness.

Otherwise theses FiberBuilt Market Table Umbrellas are crafted with the same great features such as Nylong Joints (yokes), spindles and end tips as well as their eight 1/2” diameter fiberglass support ribs.

The benefit of using fiberglass ribs is that while they allow for bend, they don't break.

These Umbrellas use the same Marine-Grade fabric as the One Piece Market Umbrellas which is why they are some of the best in the Outdoor Furniture Industry.

The Umbrellas come in two sizes, 7' or 9'. While available with a Crank-lift mechanism, our recommendation is for the manual-lift version for increased durability.

Pole colors include White or Champagne

Fabric color choices include: Yellow, Sapphire Blue, Pacific Blue, Navy, Walnut, Teal, Jet Black, Terracotta, Black Cherry, Charcoal Grey, Taupe and Spruce.

ALL UMBRELLAS MUST BE SECURED TO THE TABLES. Umbrella Collars are shipped standard with each Wabash Umbrella and should be used for securing.


Table Umbrella Stands

Wabash Valley only offers the Aluminum Terrace Shell stand for use with the Quick Ship Umbrellas and the Garden Umbrellas. The nice feature of the Terrace Shell is it can be weighted down with water or sand to keep things in place during normal operation.

The Market Umbrella Stand is best suited for the One and Two piece Market Umbrellas.

And of course, even with the use of an Umbrella Stand, the Umbrellas MUST BE SECURED TO THE TABLES.

Wabash Valley product table tops and seats are coated in our rugged Plastisol-Coating, while the framework is coated in our AAMA 2604-05 compliant Powder-Coating.
Urbanscape products are completely coated in our AAMA 2604-05 compliant powder coating.
Green Valley product top and seats are constructed from recycled material.