Sheltered Tables & Benches by Wabash Valley

On hot, sunny days, the Shadeland series offers an inviting respite—a spot to relax out of reach of the sun’s rays. Available with or without attached seating, it’s the perfect solution when a big shelter doesn’t meet your layout needs.
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Commercial Outdoor Shelters are great investments. Small shelters are often the perfect solution for a number of problems for businesses. While they provide a functional purpose, they also look incredible. If the idea of a outdoor shelter as an investment is new to you, or how it resolves any problems which aren't sun related, take note:

Waiting Area: For many businesses, security is at the forefront, many have guard shacks which issue visitor passes for entrance on to the property. Job applicants, service companies, vendor visits, a lot of people seeking access. Limited property size and budget constraints make adding additional indoor waiting areas difficult if not impossible. Covered Bench Shelters have proven to be a smart alternative to expensive brick and mortar buildings, especially considering the purpose is a waiting area. An investment in a Outdoor Bench or Table Shelter saves a significant amount of capital, is quick to implement and is in line with security concerns as these shelters can easily be placed along side guard shacks on the outside of your fence line.

Bench Shelters also work well to supplement outdoor dining tables with a more permeant covering than Umbrellas.

Van Pool Staging Areas: As companies grow, parking lots shrink, and lack of parking spaces becomes a serious problem. Also as cities grow, commuter congestion can get to the point that local governments develop partnerships with area business even offering incentives to develop van pools and work shifts which are set outside the major commute times etc. When asking employees to buy in to the changes its easier when the company provides the tools to facilitate the changes. In this case a few small shelters can become the ideal staging areas for van pools heading to different locations. It resolves parking issues and helps comply with local government initiatives. The outdoor shelters also show your employees you care. Shelters also provide the same consideration for retail store customers who use public transportation, taxi services or shuttles. Not only does it show appreciation it also attracts more business as customers are loyal to stores which cater to their needs.

The list of uses goes on and on for commercial outdoor shelters. Of course we can't neglect to mention sheltered tables for picnic areas, parks as well as for city streets to replace typical outdoor benches in hot climates. Outdoor shelters also work great at community sporting areas, providing a place for handicap and elderly citizens to enjoy the activities out of the sun.

If you are presently researching for Sheltered Outdoor Dining Tables, Sheltered Tables, Sheltered Benches or looking to combine Open Shelters with Bike Racks for your company or government agency and need a quote, we have this service available to make the purchase process as easy as possible. Check our Wabash Valley Quote Site.


In order to offer a superior shelter whether its a bench shelter, table shelter or open shelter, you have to start with the best materials, processes and people. We over-achieve in all three areas and are recognized as the industry leader because of it.

Bench, Table and Open Shelters

Lets borrow a page from the Specifications to illustrate why our construction materials are superior.

Frames: Our frames are built with 4"x4"x9 gauge steel tubing for incredible strength. Our mounting plates utilize 1/4 inch steel plates. Seat support assemblies use 12 gauge x 2 3/8 steel tubing. How does that stack up against fiberglass and plastic shelters? There is no comparison.

Tops and Seats: Tops and Seats use fabricated 3/4" #9 expanded steel mesh and 12 gauge steel for the perforations.

Roof & Support: The Roof uses use fabricated 3/4" #9 expanded steel mesh and 14 gauge steel for the perforations. The Cross Support Tubes are made of 12 gauge x 1 5/8" steel tubing.

Post: The posts are made of 5" schedule 40 structural grade aluminum pipe.
As you can see we didn't skimp or cut corners in making out sheltered benches or sheltered tables.

Coatings and Finishes

Tops and Seats: Imagine the worst weather conditions you can think of - sleet, rain, hail even salt spray. That's the exact conditions we've designed our line of Outdoor Shelters to withstand. That's possible because of the tough coating known as Plastisol. Our Chairs and Tops are coated to 1/4" of Plastisol coating, which is heat fused and permanently bonded to the steel. This is an incredible 30 times the thickness of paints and powder coatings. The most incredible part is as durable and tough as this coating is, it also is smooth and offers an exceptionally nice finish.

Frame and Supports: If you've seen powder coat finishes before you can appreciate the quality of powder coatings. However, when that coating is applied via and exhaustive application and prep process, then powder coating provides an impressive quality all its own as its smoother and ideally set. We use a Six Step process to apply our powder coat finish. These extra steps provide superior bonding of the coating to the steel making it more durable and longer lasting, not to mention incredibly smooth. This is a notable difference and an earmark of our high quality standards.

If your looking for the best quality, best durability in Outdoor Shelters, Wabash Valley is the obvious choice.

Devoted Employees

Wabash Valley has the best employees in the industry. We manufacture our Outdoor Furniture in Silver Lake Indiana USA. Where core values reflect giving your best and going the extra mile. Those values shine through all of our product lines and via our support staff. We invite you to visit us and see for yourself.


  • Shadeland Series 46" Square Shelter/Table Combo
  • Shadeland Series Shelter Only
  • Shadeland Series Shelter with 3-Seat Double Bench
  • Shadeland Series Shelter with 3-Seat Single Bench
  • Shadeland Series Shelter with 6' Double Bench
  • Shadeland Series Shelter with 6' Single Bench
  • Shadeland Series Shelter with 6' Table and Benches
  • All shelters whether the Open Shelter, Single or Double Bench Shelter, or Square Table shelter allow you to Choose between the DIAMOND or PERFORATED patterns.

All Outdoor Shelters are in-ground mounts.

Wabash Valley product table tops and seats are coated in our rugged Plastisol-Coating, while the framework is coated in our AAMA 2604-05 compliant Powder-Coating.
Urbanscape products are completely coated in our AAMA 2604-05 compliant powder coating.
Green Valley product top and seats are constructed from recycled material.