Beautiful and durable, our Memorial Benches are a functional way to commemorate significant people or events. Perfect for schools, parks, cemeteries and other public spaces, each Memorial Bench features a brushed stainless plaque. Available in many styles and with either a Plastisol- or powder- coated finish, a Memorial Bench will stand the test of time – just like the memories it celebrates.
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Memorial Benches are one way that communities honor people, places or events which were important, or which made a difference. They serve as a lasting tribute to their memory.

Municipalities will often place Park Memorial Benches in community parks or recreational areas, as they provide the perfect atmosphere for family, friends and neighbors to use them as intended, sitting back and reflecting on the people, places or events in which the bench's memorialize.

The benches are also featured in areas outside government buildings, in educational institutions, around war memorials, cemeteries and in community associations.

If your a state government agency or educational institution, it may help you to know that we have a quote based version of this website to help you through the acquisition process, for more information go to Wabash Valley Contract Site.

Warranty - At Wabash Valley, we pride ourselves in manufacturing the absolute best in Outdoor Furniture, and we are so confident in our products that we offer the best Warranty in the industry. We offer a 5 year warranty against ALL manufacturing defects, including surface rust. Visit our Warranty Page for more information.


The Covington Collection boldly takes that extra step, with a smooth cast aluminum design, complimented by a contoured seat. The combination is ideal for those seeking casual elegance.

This elegant Memorial Bench is defined by your choice of patterns. Choose either the Round or Square perforation styles.

The Covington is apart of the Urbanscape brand, which features our superb AAMA 2604-05 compliant powder-coating. This finish is available in your choice of 14 standard colors.

This Memorial Bench is 6 feet long and comes with back and arms. It is available as a Portable or Surface Mount

Memorial Plaque 4" x 6" Brushed Stainless (does not include engraving)


The Winchester name conjures up a strong yet refined style, and this Memorial Bench lives up to that image, with graceful curved arms and matching cambered legs, together delivering a statement of elegance uncommon to the outdoor furniture sector.

This bench is delivered in your choice of either a square or round perforation pattern.

The Winchester is entirely coated in our AAMA 2604-05 compliant Powder-Coating with a selection of 14 standard powder-coat color choices.

This Memorial Bench is 6' long, is free standing, or may be surface mounted.

Memorial Plaque 4" x 6" Brushed Stainless (does not include engraving)


The Specialty Series of Outdoor Memorial Park Benches are built to last, completely made of steel and coated with a material designed to tackle the elements, Plastisol. The entire bench seat is PLASTISOL coated while the legs are powder coated in our AAMA 2604-05 compliant powder-coating. Plastisol bonds with the steel forming a 1/16" barrier. This is up to 30 times thicker than paints or powder-coats, making the Specialty Series an excellent choice for areas with harsh winter weather or coastal environments with corrosive salty air.

The Specialty Series Memorial Bench comes in the following configurations.

6' Contemporary Bench comes with a plaque and with either perforated or rib patterns. The style offers a unique Inground legs structure giving the bench an unobstructed, free flowing appearance.

6' Contemporary Bench includes a plaque and choice of rib or perforated pattern. The bench is portable or surface mounted, and mounting plate covers may be used, sold separately.

6' Courtyard Bench with plaque is in your choice of perforation or rib patterns. The Signature Courtyard style Memorial Bench is portable or surface mounted.

6' Estate Bench includes a plaque and provides a selection of either perforated or rib pattern. It gives the look of being well grounded and firmly established. It can be surface or portable in configuration.

6' Prestige Bench comes with memorial plaque (engraving not included) and offers the option of patterns in either a rib or perforated style. This bench can be mounted in either inground, portable or surface configurations. Optional plate covers may be used.

Memorial Plaques measure 4" x 6", and are Brushed Stainless plates(does not include engraving).


The pattern samples below serve as a quick reference key to patterns noted in the descriptions of each product. The specific available patterns are also displayed beneath the Memorial Bench's content description area.


Wabash Valley product table tops and seats are coated in our rugged Plastisol-Coating, while the framework is coated in our AAMA 2604-05 compliant Powder-Coating.
Urbanscape products are completely coated in our AAMA 2604-05 compliant powder coating.
Green Valley product top and seats are constructed from recycled material.