Outdoor Game Tables by Wabash Valley

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Commercial Outdoor Game Tables are wonderful additions to just about any area people enjoy relaxing in. They encourage social pleasantries and can help ones turn off the gadgets and get back into life for a little while. But as with any addition especially with larger corporations, government agencies, municipalities or educational institutions, there are process steps to follow with approvals coming from various departments. We understand that and we go the extra mile to help you in the process. Below are some provisions to get you started.

You'de be hard-pressed to find a more transparent company then Wabash Valley to deal with. We provide a wide range of information on all of our products to help your company, or government agency make the right selection.

This information is very helpful to planning departments, maintenance divisions and purchasing departments. Should you require more information, kindly contact your nearest distributor

On the Product page (detail page) beneath the general description and image, you'll find a set of tabs. These provide a more vivid picture of the product. They include pattern close-ups and options, spec & assembly manuals - complete illustrated parts breakdowns, CAD Drawings and Available Color Charts for that model your viewing. And frequently additional photos.

or or contact us directly.

If you're buying or researching for a State Government Project or are affiliated with the Education market, please visit our Contract Site.



  • TABLE TOPS are constructed with 3/4" #9 expanded metal and 12 gage perforated sheet metal for the main panel. Game Table Checker Board pattern inserts are made of 14 gage galvanneal.
  • THE SEATS, which are 3', use 3/4" #9 expande metal and 12 gage perforated sheet metal. Rails on the outside of the seats use 14 Gage strip steel. Mounting Brackets are 1/4" flat bar for both seats. The borders of the concave seats have 1/8" thick strip steel.
  • THE FRAME - Table Frames on the portable units are constructed of 1 5/8 od x 14 gage structural steel tube. Cross braces are 1" od x 15 gage structural steel tube. In ground main support is 4" x 4" x 11 gage structural steel tubing. Steel is used throughout because it provides superior strength.


  • TABLE TOPS & SEATS - Table Tops and Seats are fabricated with 3/4" #9 expanded steel mesh and 12 gage sheet metal for the perforated style. Frames are made with die formed 14 gage mitered angles 3/4" x 1 3/4". Round tables tops are framed with 1/8" thick x 1 1/2" wide strip steel. Tops square mountng frame and the seats mounting brackets are 1/4" x 1 1/2" steel flat bar. Top's support braces are made of 1/8"s x 1 1/2" strip steel.
  • THE FRAME - The main table support is constructed from 4" x 4" x 11 gage structural steel tubing. The square mounting frame used in conjunction with the top is made from1/4" x 1 1/4" steel flat bar, 1/4" plate steel as well as 14 gage sheet metal. The seat assembly arm utilizes 2 7/8" od x 9 gage structural steel tubing. The smaller cross members and supports follow suit. The bottom line is these tables are listed as Superior Frame for a reason, they are Superior in construction for extra heavy duty use.


  • TABLE TOPS - The table tops main panel (perforated) uses 3/4 #9 expanded metal and 12 gage steel sheet metal. The outside rails on the square tops are 14 gage steel and 1/8" strip steel is used for the perimeter ring on the round top as are the support braces. Both tops have mounting brackets made of 1/4" flat bar.
  • THE SEATS - The seats are three feet and concave, they use 3/4" #9 expanded metal with a 12 gage sheet metal for the peforated style. The outside rails of the seats use 14 gage steel with a 1/8" strip seal parameter ring. Mounting brackets for the seats are a hefty 1/4" flat bar.
  • THE FRAME - The Spyder style chess and checker game tables are attention getters, their unique style incudes a different support system which while freeing up leg room and making them easier to clean around, might seem as though they diminish the tables overall strength. However, they have been engineered for strength using the best materials. The Spyder legs for example are made of 12 gage x 2 7/8" od tubing, thats almost 3" in diameter. The brace mounting tab is 1/4" thick plate. A review of our specifications and assembly sheets will illustrate that using the best materials does indeed result in the best quality product. The best materials also allow you to be more creative in your designs as demonstrated by the Spyder series outdoor game tables.

HARDWARE FOR ALL GAME TABLES - The top of the line engineering and the use of industry leading materials would be a waste if poor quality hardware were used. In keeping with our strive for perfection, we utilize all stainless steel hardware in the assembly of our outdoor game tables. Every nut, bolt and washer are stainless steel to help prevent corrosion which affects both appearance and function.


TOPS & SEATS - Our specialty tables; chess tables and checker tables are part of our Wabash Valley Brand. This is our Flagship brand which utilizes one of the most durable finishes in the entire industry, Plastisol.

Plastisol is around 30 times thicker than paints or powder-coats. That's not a mis-print, 30 times thicker. And because of an exhaustive preperation of the metal surfaces, we are able to achieve an incredibly permenant bond. This means no concerns for peeling, cracking, or rust. The metal and its phenominal strength are sealed by the Plastisol. This provides a difference you not only see but can also feel. It adds to the comfort, reduces the surface heat absorbed by the metal during the summer and takes the bite out of the cold surface in the winter. And unlike Truck Bed Liners, our finish is smooth and fetching in appearance.

Your business, government agency or educational institution are included in the built process. You select the color scheme. You can can choose from 1 of 14 Plastisol available colors. We can match colors with the frames which are powder-coated or you can select a two tone design, Its up to you, personalize it to your needs.

FRAMES and SUPPORTS - All Wabash Valley Brand frames are Powder-Coated. We developed a Six Step process specifically for the Powder-Coat to achieve the best powder-coat to metal bond in the outdoor furniture industry. This powder-coat finish is applied to all Wabash VAlley Brand frames and supports and is the signature finish of the Urbanscape Brand. The Urbanscape brand is renown for its refined designs and luxurious finishes.

As our game tables are made to order, we include you in the process. You can select the Plastisol Colors for your seats and table tops (14 to choose from) and you can match powder-coat colors for the frames or go with a two tone design, with the frames and supports in a complimentry color. There are 14 Powder-Coat colors to choose from.

If you are also ordering a bench shelter, outdoor dining set, picnic tables or outdoor benches, you can be sure your colors will match from one piece to the next, our processes are well refined and we use the best equipment. Many of our customers order trash recepticals and Ash Urns to place in the vicinity of their game tables as crowds tend to gather and peolpe stay longer. These items can be personalized to include your company or agency name, as your distributor or contact us for more information.

CHESS/CHECKER BOARD INSERTS - The checker board insert is finished in the Powder-Coat finish. You choose the two colors for the board and checkers. The finished product is one of unquestionalbe quality. And this quality will endure for years to come and is backed up with a 5 year warranty, and not a mockery of a warranty, but one with serious confidence in the quality of the product.


PORTABLE - Mount sits on top of surface and is moveable

SURFACE-MOUNT - Bolted to top of concrete surface with anchor bolts (not provided). All surface mount holes are 1/2" in diameter.

IN-GROUND MOUNT - Material is embedded deep into concrete



Outdoor game tables like chess tables and checker tables are a great addition to recreation areas, schools, break areas, parks or even in cafe outdoor dining areas or when space is avialable outside a retail business like a barber shop. Game tables draw in visitors and they stay longer. For many they become an addicting alternative to texting or roaming about. They encourge face to face communications and are a positive influence on quality of life as they are social by nature.

So there are a lot of good things associated with Outdoor Game Tables, and you know Wabash Valley's reputation for quality is unmatched, so which table is right for you?

There are 14 variations to choose from below. Portable, Surface mount and in-ground choices are critical in your selection.

Two Important Steps Prior to Game Table Selection

  1. On tables your interested in, go to the detail page, and scroll down past the content to the tabs. Select the Specs and Assembly tab, next click on the revealed link to the pdf file. Once the PDF file loads, In the Specifications area, look for the General Header, here you will find SPACE REQURIEMENTS, note them or better yet download and print the PDF.
  2. The next vital step is to go to the proposed placement area and ensure that the area falls within the space requirment minimums. Those two steps alone will make your choice the right choice. Other considerations are traffic flow, shade, noise consideerations, etc.

Spyder® Series Style

Signature Series Style

Wabash Valley product table tops and seats are coated in our rugged Plastisol-Coating, while the framework is coated in our AAMA 2604-05 compliant Powder-Coating.
Urbanscape products are completely coated in our AAMA 2604-05 compliant powder coating.
Green Valley product top and seats are constructed from recycled material.