Cigarette Urns and Receptacles

Nothing completes the look of beautiful outdoor furniture better than functional accessories. Our assortment of ash urns and receptacles was designed to complement the styles of our diverse collections, so you can match them to whichever seating options you choose.

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The Rockport series Outdoor Ashtray is designed to be used along with any of the Rockport collection products such as the Benches, Trash Receptacles or Planters.

The collection has a modern and sleek look about it, a very handsome design which fits well in any urban environment. The Structure wraps around the seat and seat back looking as though they were fused into one. The outdoor ashtray adds a perfect final touch to this collection, giving the best in form and function.

Of course the Smokers Post / Ash Urn, does well on its own, delivering the same high class look in your choice of available colors or Faux-Wood finish.

The Rockport collection is part of the Urbanscape Brand, which has as its signature, an incredible smooth Powder-Coat finish. Urbanscape uses a Signature Six Step process which delivers a noticeably superior look.

The Outdoor Ashtray/Urn is Portable or Surface mountable.


The "E" Style Outside Ashtray / Ash Urn compliments the many other "E" style products such as the Urbanscape "E" style trash receptacle and planter or any of our outdoor furniture which have the round and square perforation patterns or rod design. A good example is the large square perforation pattern of the Hanna collection of tables and chairs or the Camden collection's rod style option.

Any of the three pattern choices make this unit look very much at home in commercial or industrial environments. The look is distinctly professional in quality. When you add to that the renown Urbanscape finish you can be sure that you will keep these good looks for years to come.

The "E" series Ash Urn / Smokers Outpost is available in Surface-Mount and Portable configurations.

"E" Series Outdoor Ashtray Receptacle CAD drawings are available as a download on the details page should your planning department desire them.


The Flare Top Outside Ashtray has a unique style which matches perfectly with our other Flare Top product, the Flare Top Trash Receptacle. Some have noted the Flared Top and straight sides give a hint of a basketball net look about it, which almost compels them to want to use it, often in a slam dunk manner, with a celebratory winner "Score" follow up enthusiasm. However they choose to use it, means your area stays clean and neat and that makes it a worthwhile asset for retail, office and production environments.

The Flare Top Ash Urn comes available in Diamond, Perforated or Rib patterns. The Rib pattern is illustrated on the accompanying image. These pattern options will make it fit in with almost any decor. The Classic Series of Tables and Chairs for example offers the same pattern choices and colors can be perfectly matched.

The Coating on this series is part of the Wabash Valley Flagship Brand. The Coating is known as Plastisol and offers a combination of smooth good looks and extremely impressive durability. Learn more about this Signature finish at our Coating Options/Specifications page.

The Flare Top Outside Ashtray/Ash Urn is available in portable and surface mount configurations.

General Specification and Installation Instructions are available for online viewing or as a download should they be needed by your planning or maintenance departments for pre-approval or for maintenance records.


The Wabash Ash Trash Receptacles bring the perfect blend of Outdoor Ashtray together with a small Trash Can. This is perfect for many retail and office businesses who wish to provide a single, dual-purpose Trash Can near their entrances.

This Ash Trash Combo Ash Urn is available in the Flare Top design and in the Wabash Straight Sided Design. Both Designs feature a 4 3/4" diameter hole for disposal of cigarettes and other small trash. Each unit includes a 13 1/4" diameter galvanized collection liner and a 4 3/4" diameter hole for disposal of small trash items.

The Trash Ash combination Outside Ashtray/Trash Can may be configured for portable or surface mounting.

Color Charts for both Plastisol available colors and Powder-Coat finishes are available to view online or two download for your planning and purchasing department requirements.

Wabash Valley product table tops and seats are coated in our rugged Plastisol-Coating, while the framework is coated in our AAMA 2604-05 compliant Powder-Coating.
Urbanscape products are completely coated in our AAMA 2604-05 compliant powder coating.
Green Valley product top and seats are constructed from recycled material.