Bike Loops and Racks by Wabash Valley

We’ve added a new serpentine bike rack, available in In-ground and Surface-mount options, which can accommodate up to five bikes. We’re giving you more options to fit the requirements of your space

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Bike Loop Racks

Bike loops are one of Wabash Valleys functional accessories. We offer four styles to accommodate most any commercial, government or educational need.

Smart businesses today have Commercial Loop Bike Racks installed outside their establishments. They recognize that cycling as surpassed the fad stage and has evolved into a movement with family involvement. Bike racks generate the foot traffic that so many businesses market like crazy to achieve, however unlike marketing campaigns its a one time investment which provides dividends for years to come. If a commercial establishment does not have a place to secure a bike, then cycles are likely to move on to one which does. Want more consumer traffic? Think Bike Racks.

We offer 4 styles of Bike Loops, including in-ground and surface-mounts. So even if you can't embed a rack in front of your establishment, you can place one.

We offer two finishes, Plastisol and our legendary Six Step Process Powder-Coat, so your bike racks will look great for years to come. The finish is also important for cyclist, as it can help to prevent paint damage from contact between bike and loop.

Just like commercial benches, trash receptacles and outdoor dining sets give an indication of a business's commitment to service, so does the quality of its bike loops. Businesses promoting the best with the least are likely to deliver the best in all areas of customer care.

Bike Loops Styles

We offer Bike Racks and Bike Loops in 4 styles. Our loops are also available in multiple mounting configurations. Be sure to carefully read the product detail pages to ascertain which mount is available and whether or not mounting hardware is included.


Bike Loop - Powder Coated - P-BRH538

The importance of the Powder-Coat finish on the Bike Loop can't be under estimated. There are bound to be metal to metal contact now and again between the Bike Loop and the bicycle frame. With poor Powder Coat applications this will likely result in bare metal exposure and eventually corrosion. While this can be unsightly at some point its also more expensive when it come to replacement cost.

This is where Wabash Valley stands out and stands proud. We use a Six Step Powder Coat process that creates a substantial Powder Coat to Metal bonding finish. The stronger this bond is the less likely it is to break that bond and transfer to the bike frame.

Our Six Step Process goes the extra mile.








This extra effort results in an outstanding smooth finish, the quality of which is noticeable. So it not only looks great but it is long lasting.


Bike Rack - 5 foot - Portable

There is no mistaking the classic design of the 5 foot Bike Rack. This style bike rack is a cultural icon at school campuses and government buildings like libraries. Every public park had them and they are in use at commercial shopping centers around the world. So how do you improve on an icon?

Our Bike Rack receives Wabash Valleys legendary Six Step Powder Coat. The result is a classic with improved looks and a longer life span.

The Bike Rack holds up to 8 bikes and is Portable so can be placed almost anywhere without the need to secure in-ground. Although if you would like an in-ground mount, you can do that as well.

While we brag about our Six Step Process, many wonder if there is a means of proving its superiority. The answer is of course a matter-of-fact YES!.

Our process exceeds the AAMA 2604-05 (American Architectural Manufacturers Association) test specifications – one of the highest in the industry. Our coating stood up to some of the toughest test specifications, including adhesion, chemical resistance, corrosion and fade resistance, to ensure that our products will last longer than anyone else's.

Bike Rack Specifications:

  • W: 59 1/4" D: 38 1/2" H: 32"

  • Rack Material: Steel tubing

  • Mounting Options: Portable/Surface-mount

  • Finish Options: Powder-coat

  • Rack Dimensions: 5' length – 8 bikes

  • Weight: 69 lbs.


Serpentine Bike Loop

Some are surprised to learn the Serpentine Bike Loop can accommodate up to 8 Bikes. This modern design is available in either an in-ground or surface mount configuration. When empty the appearance is more like a work of art than a bike rack, so it blends in to every environment.

The Serpentine Bike Loop is finished in our AAMA 2604-05 compliant Powder-Coating giving it durability and an unmistakable superior finish. The Powder-Coat is available in 14 colors so you can either blend it into the surroundings or make it a focal point.

Choose from the following Powder-Coat Colors:

Burst Rust | Granite | Hazelnut | Hunter | Moccasin

Ocean Blue | Pewter Vein | Smoke | Stainless | Straw

Textured Black | Textured Bronze | Textured Red | Yoke White


Serpentine Bike Loop Specifications:

  • W: 50 1/2" D: 2 3/8" H: 34 1/4"

  • Rack Material: 2 3/8" tubing

  • Mounting Options: In-ground or Surface-mount

  • Finish Options: Powder-coat

  • Rack Dimensions: 4' 2" length – 5 bike

  • Weight: 41lbs Surface mount, 43lbs in-ground mount


Wabash - Bike Loops - Plastisol Coated

The Bike Loops can handle one bike per side, but where they excel is in there versatility. For example they can be configured in a circle, square or follow a non-linear pattern, even mimicking a fence to control pedestrian traffic flow. They are also great for small spaces where larger bike racks are impractical.

Bike loops also work well in color coded environments like parking garages where the sign colors and wall makers help to determine the area you are in. With 14 available Plastisol colors, it can accommodate large facilities. The colors can be uniform across many bike loops or each can be unique to create your own motif.

This unit is coated in our Plastisol Coating. Plastisol is up to 30 times thicker than paint or powder coat. Plastisol was designed to take on the elements, whether it be sleet, rain or snow. The Plastisol to Metal bond is nothing short of fantastic and Plastisol is used where durability is an absolute must. Plastisol is an excellent finish to use around bike frames minimizing wear of either the bike or the bike rack.

Considering the level of durability delivered by the Plastisol-Coating, you might be surprised to find the finish to be smooth, with vibrant colors. Many conjure up mental images of spray on truck liners, but those are misplaced and entirely incorrect. Plastisol is an exception finish and the main ingredient in our flagship Wabash Valley Brand of products because it delivers on quality and exceptional good looks.

Like the Powder-Coat finished Bike Loop, the Plastisol coated loop may be selected in either an in-ground or surface mount configuration.

The 36" Plastisol-Coated Bike Rack weighs in at 28lbs in the in-ground mount configuration and at 36lbs in the surface-mount configuration.


Wabash Valley product table tops and seats are coated in our rugged Plastisol-Coating, while the framework is coated in our AAMA 2604-05 compliant Powder-Coating.
Urbanscape products are completely coated in our AAMA 2604-05 compliant powder coating.
Green Valley product top and seats are constructed from recycled material.