Outdoor Benches by Wabash Valley

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Lets talk Commercial Quality Outdoor Benches. As amazing as it might sound, commercial outdoor benches are a common denominator with government centers, commercial centers, sports arenas, recreational areas, parks, educational facilities, medical institutions and military installations. When you really think about it, its not even a cultural thing. Benches are found in all the listed areas, in every country around the world. In fact almost everywhere that people gather regularly, benches have become part of the landscape. And not benches like you would find in a department store, but rather commercial quality outdoor benches built for the masses.

Wabash Valley has been in the Outdoor Furniture Industry for over 30 years, and as a leader in this industry we have helped shape the styles of outdoor benches and have built up quite a collection of collections. So much so in fact that its nearly impossible to discuss them by series or collections as it would take a significant amount of time. Instead we can break down outdoor benches by attributes.

We will consider the following Outdoor Bench attributes:

  • Three Brands of Outdoor Benches

  • Wabash Valley Commercial Bench Configurations

  • Outdoor Bench Sizes and Customization

  • Mounting Configurations for Outdoor Benches

  • Outdoor Bench Styles and Customization

This approach should help you select an outdoor bench which satisfies or exceeds your requirements.



Wabash Valley is One Great Company with Three Great Brands. Understanding the Brands core attributes can help you quickly narrow down your outdoor bench search.


Our flagship product line, Wabash Valley's Plastisol coated outdoor furniture, will weather the elements and heavy-use environments where utmost durability is the pre-eminent criterion. This Brand's primary attribute is the coating Plastisol.


  • Set it and forget it – no need for winter storage
  • Open design style helps it clean itself, this also discourages graffiti
  • Finish is resistant to leaf-stain, grease or oil stains and water absorption
  • Resists corrosion (rust)
  • Solid construction won't rot, crack, peel, warp or perish due to insect damage
  • Common acids, alkalis, salts, acid rain, sewage or sea water won't affect its appearance or function
  • Quality materials like stainless and/or galvanized steel provide stable, reinforced construction for maximum strength
  • The Semi-resilient surface cushions falls
  • Contoured seats are provide more comfort
  • Rounded edges versus sharp 90 degree angles provide added safety and comfort
  • All metal materials won't splinter like wood
  • The thicker material coating buffers heat in the summer and cold in the winter



Designed to impress in the urban landscape of retail environments and upscale business, from shopping centers to corporate headquarters and retreats. Its sleek lines and innovative designs make Urbanscape the upscale brand to beat.

Partly responsible for the high class, sleek and sophisticated designs, is the Process of installing the Powder-Coat finish. We raised the bar and set new standards by means of our Six Step coating process. This process provides superior bonding of the powder coat to the metal, which makes in more durable and smoother. In fact among the smoothest in the industry. The elevates the final quality of the finish significantly. This is a noticeable difference, making your outdoor furniture impressive.

Our Six Step Process Overview

  1. Part is shot-blasted to white metal

  2. 5-stage chemical pre-treatment system

  3. Zinc-rich epoxy coating*

  4. Gel cure of the zinc-rich epoxy

  5. A super-durable polyester topcoat

  6. Final cure

*Zinc coating is not applied to aluminum-based products, as aluminum never rusts, so it doesn't require this extra step

Urbanscape is also well known for its Faux-Wood Powder-Coat finishes. The great looks of wood without all the maintenance.



Not just a new line of outdoor furniture, but rather a solution to some of today's environmental concerns. Our newest product is constructed with PolyTuf recycled lumber made from post-consumer plastics. This environmentally friendly line offers the look of wood, but without cracking and fading.

The PolyTuf™ surfaces have no wood fibers so they retain their vibrant look for years. In addition, they don't need waterproofing, staining or any maintenance other than an occasional washing with soap and water.

Purchasing Green Valley outdoor benches helps promote your business's or government agencies eco-friendly outlook, while reducing the burden on our landfills.



While at first it may seem apparent that benches either have seat backs or they don't, many surprisingly don't have the attribute on their list. Depending on purpose some attributes are taken for granted. For example Bus Stops, Bus Stop benches seem to always have seat backs. Stadium benches almost never have backs, not for the players and not for the fans. In the case of your upcoming purchase, you can go with the flow or set new standards. The information below may help you to decide how your outdoor bench should be equipped.

Benches with Seat backs

Perhaps the greatest benefit of outdoor benches with backs is the comfort factor. If your target users are likely to sit longer, backs provide more comfort.

The disadvantage of seat backs on benches is they require more space for storage. Depending on your Brand Choice you may not have to consider this disadvantage as Wabash Valley Brands are built to endure the elements

Benches with Armrest's

Outdoor Benches with armrest's, as with seat backs, provide more comfort for users who are expected to sit for longer periods of time. Armrest's can also assist the user in standing up, such as at hospitals, nursing homes or in malls where shoppers literally shop till they drop.

Frequency of use or turnaround time on benches could determine whether armrest's are a good choice. If the benches are going in a crowded area, the armrest's could restrict movement, consider the benches at sporting events.

Industrial, Commercial and Park Benches may also have center armrest installations. Verify the option on the detail page in the collection you are viewing during your search.

Outdoor Bench configuration is therefore best dictated by the needs and environment of the targeted user. Surveying the intended location with measuring equipment might be helpful in the decision making process. Identifying the user will also help determine seat back and armrest requirements. Other factors include the environment the bench will be placed in. If the area is crowed and within view of activities they will be used more frequently. Armrest's provide a sense of privacy and encourage people to sit closer together. For crowded areas with ample space armrest's could be a good choice.

Once you have established the configuration REQUIREMENTS, performing a filtered search will expedite your selection process. Wabash Valley has a large selection of park benches and outdoor benches in numerous styles, many of which allow for benches to come configure with seat backs and armrest's or not. Some benches are formed as one piece and may not offer the choice.



At Wabash Valley we believe that you should be able to make your outdoor benches your own. Therefore we have a - Make it Your Own - program.


If there's something you didn't see in our catalog, don't hesitate to ask us about custom fabrication. We can design just about anything you can imagine, personalizing your outdoor furniture in any number of ways.

Receptacles with your company's name on them? Benches with a shorter leg? Tables with a special design? Well be happy to discuss all the possibilities with you. Just contact your local sales rep, or give us a call and let us know what you've got in mind.

Bench Length

Wabash Valley outdoor bench length varies by collection, verify on the product detail page the available lengths. If you need custom sizes, contact us or your nearest distributor to see if we can accommodate your needs.

As a whole we offer the following sizes in Commercial and Industrial Park Benches and assorted other styles.

4' | 6' | 7' | 8' | 10' | 15' - (all numbers represent length in feet)

Once your requirements are established your can reduce your search time by filter for the bench length you require. The search results will limit the outdoor benches to those meeting your requirements.



When drawing up your list of requirement, and surveying the area where your commercial or industrial grade outdoor bench will be installed, be sure you note the surface area for each bench location to help determine the type of mounting for your benches.

Also while in the research mode, check each bench your interested to ensure it can be mounted in the configuration you require. As an option you could use the search filter to call up only those benches meeting your requirements. Multiple filters may be selected at the same time, for example 10' benches without backs, having a Plastisol finish.

We Offer the following Mounting Configurations (Not all benches support all mounting configurations)

  • In-Ground
  • Portable
  • Surface-Mount



Most of our benches offer several patterns to choose from. For example the Contemporary series park bench offers DIAMOND, PERFORATED, RIB or SLAT patterns. All patterns are displayed on the detail page in thumbnail images beneath the main page text. In this Tabbed area you will also find the CAD drawings for each product for your use and download.

Besides the Patterns, you can select your finish. If you find a commercial bench you like in one brand but want it in another brands finish, then you can check the cross reference chart to find the equivalent bench in another collection.

To customize your Industrial or Park bench further, you might consider personalizing it with your company name cutout on the seat back. This makes is actually a great way to promote your brand for years with a one time investment.

Often cities pay for their street lights, street benches, trash receptacles and planters by accepting donations in exchange the largest contributors get to have the bench personalized with their contributor name. Again a great way to establish long term brand recognition.

Other style features are inherent in the collections design and cannot be changed. This is the case often with curved one piece outdoor benches.

If you need assistance anywhere along the way, kindly contact your nearest distributor for more information or email from our contact page, we will be happy to help.


Wabash Valley product table tops and seats are coated in our rugged Plastisol-Coating, while the framework is coated in our AAMA 2604-05 compliant Powder-Coating.
Urbanscape products are completely coated in our AAMA 2604-05 compliant powder coating.
Green Valley product top and seats are constructed from recycled material.