Site Furnishings FAQ 

Can the Plastisol be painted?

No, we do not recommend painting plastisol. 

Do the Signature Single post tables come in 2-seaters?

Yes, please consult a sales representative for more information. 

Do we have 4’ Signature Series benches with & without a back for small spaces?

Yes, please consult a sales representative for more information.

Can we do custom lettering on the back of a bench?

Yes, on most perforated and rib patterns – please consult a sales representative for more information.

Can the Signature Multi-Pedestal tables be surface mount?

Yes, please consult a sales representative for more information. 

Can children’s square tables be used with umbrellas?

 We do not recommend it. 

What diameter is the surface mount hole on our benches/tables?

Most surface mount holes are ½” diameter (excludes the Geneva Collection)

Do all receptacles come standard with liners and lids?

No, All Urbascape Line brand receptacles do come standard with a liner & lid – with exception of the Green Valley Collection which comes standard with a liner, and the lids are sold separately -  On all Heritage Line receptacles, lids and liners are sold separately.

How many people can sit on a 46” table-with 3’ seats?

Typically 2 people per 3’ seat area. 

How big is the umbrella hole in a table?

 Without plastisol 2 ½” ID or with plastisol 1 ¾ ID. 

Do you offer a plug for the umbrella holes on the tables?

Yes, please consult a sales representative for more information. 

Can we order direct?


Do you send the mounting hardware to mount it to the concrete?

 No – due to the fact there are many types of surface thicknesses and specifications, we do not supply any mounting hardware, only the hardware to assemble the product.

Does the product come assembled?

The product does not come assembled, it is all knocked down to keep shipping costs at a minimum. 

How deep and what diameter should the holes be for in-ground mounting?

 We do not give any recommendations on this because the product is placed in so many different types of surfaces.  We suggest that you check with a local contractor who can visit the actual site and make a recommendation on the surface and conditions that are present

Will the driver take it off of the truck and take it where I want it?

 The driver is normally only responsible to get the product to the tailgate of the trailer.  It is the customer’s responsibility to actually get the product off of the truck.  The driver will assist with unloading for an additional charge – please consult with a sales representative for more information and costs

If our products get scratched or damage do you sell touch-up?

Yes – we do supply touch-up for both the Plastisol and Powder Coated finishes.  Please consult a sales representative for more information

My umbrella seems to sit too high on the table?

All umbrellas come with a standard length pole.  If your table has a brace that is up above the ground level, you will need to cut off the bottom portion of the bottom extension pole to your desired height.  Be sure to leave enough room for the crank to turn freely

Do I have to purchase the mounting plate covers?

No, on the Heritage Line of products they are optional, on the Urbanscape Line they come standard with the models that can utilize them

How many sets of surface mount adaptors should I order?

We recommend 1 set per model

How do I empty the ash urns? 

The ashtrays lift out of the urn so they can be dumped